Sometimes exercise and diet planning isn’t enough to lose weight or we don’t have either time or patience to continue to do so, what to do then? That’s when a non-surgical procedure of losing weight comes in; it is commonly known as CoolSculpting. Yeah, the name may look weird, but it literary sculpts you via freezing technique. It is a harmless procedure to lose weight and see long-term results. If you are living in Los Angeles or nearby areas, just travel to Sherman Oaks visit MyBotoxLA, or you can also call them on their helpline. This is the best place to get this procedure done because they are trained professionals in this field and have successfully made a lot of patients happy.   

Let’s know more about CoolSculpting


It is a technique which helps you lose excess fat without having to go through surgery, unlike liposuction, which is a surgical procedure. CoolSculpting procedure can be done at any place while you listen to the music or read a newspaper. Through this technique, your fat cells are simply frozen to death. Unlike the traditional ways of losing weight, where fat cells reduce in size due to exercise, here the fat cells get killed, so obviously, the results are long-term.    

Who is eligible for CoolSculpting?   


CoolSculpting is a harmless, non-surgical procedure but it still is not for everyone. In fact, a specialist accesses your body for the first time to check whether you are fit for the procedure or not. It isn’t for the people who are looking to lose 20 to 30 pounds of weight. CoolSculpting is for those people who have already worked hard to lose fat but are unable to lose the last chunks of fat. This technique can help them to lose those last pecks of fat. The goals need to be realistic here, you may not notice much difference in the first session, but a few more sessions can help you considerably more.


Therefore, it is not such a good idea for the people who need to lose too much weight. A pregnant lady or someone who is planning to conceive cannot go through this procedure, although it is not harmful but since the person has to go through pregnancy, body shape is going to change anyway. A person who has an eating disorder is not eligible for this treatment, neither is a person with a troubled lymphatic system eligible for this procedure. A person who has recently had a surgical procedure done may not be eligible for CoolSculpting as well.  


We do not recommend this technique for the people who need to get rid of excess weight because it doesn’t work that way and isn’t a magic trick. But it is highly recommended for the people who have already worked their way through weight loss and need that finishing masterstroke at the end. The specialty of this technique besides being free from any side-effects and non-surgical is that its results are long-term. In order to notice a good difference before and after the procedure, we suggest you take a photograph before going through it and after few a sessions, match your current shape with that photograph, it will make you feel very happy.


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