Money is more important than ever, and most people feel like it leaves their accounts far quicker than it arrives. It’s time to fight back by making yours last longer.


I've already shown you a few tips to save money with a few daily lifestyle changes. I’m now going to continue the thrifty theme with these home improvements. Some will make an instant impact while others are more of a long-term investment.


In either case, employing them now will improve your bank balance. Hoorah!


1)   Insulate The Home


Energy bills are ridiculously expensive. If your home is encouraging heat to escape, it will only exasperate the issue further. Quite frankly, getting better insulation is a must.


It doesn’t matter if it means getting double glazed windows or fixing the roof. These upgrades will pay for themselves in the long run while also helping your family stay warmer throughout the winter months.


2)   Switch To Soft Water


There’s nothing worse than having to fork out hundreds to replace a broken household appliance. Did you know that the cause of your constant issues could be something as simple as hard water?


Hard water takes a toll on your washing machine and other products. Softening the water could instantly prolong the lifespan of those items. Visit watersofteners.co for more information.


3)   Turn Appliances Off


Quite often, we could make a significant difference to our lives simply by changing a few habits. At home, one of the worst habits you can get into is leaving appliances on overnight.


Leaving appliances on standby still uses electricity, and you’re not getting anything out of it. Unless it’s the fridge or freezer, turn it off.




4)   Start Upcycling Clothes


How many times have you thrown an outfit away through boredom? Stop! If there’s still wearability, you should push yourself to get the extra use out of them.


Upcycling clothes can allow you to create a new outfit for next to nothing. Better still, you’ll avoid looking the same as everyone else that has been to the local shopping centre. That’s got to sound promising to everyone.


5)   Grow Your Own Fruit And Veg


Every household is guilty of wasting food. You can reduce your waste significantly by growing your own fruit and veg.


You’ll also get a nicer tasting produce while the convenience should encourage you to eat a healthier diet. What more incentive could you need?


6)   Upgrade Toilet


The average household goes through a huge amount of water, and almost half of it comes from the toilet alone. Thankfully, you can now reduce your levels significantly.


An old styled toilet can use up to 7 gallons of water per flush. Nowadays, high-efficiency toilets use a little over 1.25. Failure to upgrade yours is literally flushing money down the pan.




7)   Decorate The Walls With Photographs


A house needs personality to become a home, and dressing walls in art is a great way to achieve it. Rather than spending large sums on canvas paintings, you can create a much better vibe by hanging photographs of the family.
Let’s face it, this will create a far more homely feel too.

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