The holidays will be here before we know it, some have already started and finished. I have yet to and I have older nieces and nephews as well as some younger ones. For me, I want to get them something they will use, not something that will sit and collect dust.

The older ones are easy to throw some money in an envelope and they are happy, the smaller ones are a challenge this year I wanted to get the younger one, something he would be able to use. They are way too young in our opinions for a cell phone. Thats where the Cosmo Smartwatch comes in, its great for girls and boys, their own watch that we can keep tabs on them with.

They come in blue and pink. and are small enough for them. Why this watch, not only can they voice calls and video calls. You have the ability to have a watch that has everything to make sure that your kid never goes missing. It has a kid’s GPS tracker installed in it, which works across the USA.

With all the bad in the world, this is perfect, for any parent so they know where their child is at all times, and not worry, Geofencing sets up safe zones, so if your child wanders out of it, you are notified and are able to find them. The watch is a kid’s wearable device through which you can send messages and even voice and video call your kids whenever you want.

There is an SOS alert mode, so if your child is in trouble they have the ability to send you a to ping your smartphone with an urgent alert and they are able to call their emergency contacts, making this a great feature.


Voice calls, text messages, voice messages, and video calling

Real-time GPS know exactly where your child is at all times. this is the best gift we can give the younger kids and they will love it. Like I said they are a way too young for a cell phone and this is as good, they can make voice calls and video ones. Besides text messaging and more, a phone in a watch.

If you looking for something special for anyone of your younger kids, head over to Cosmo Smartwatch and see why I love it as much.

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