The Spice Lab   The Spice Lab offers the widest selection of sea salts from a single source. Their expanding line include peppers, spices, seasonings, rubs, teas, Gourmet Gift Collections, Himalayan salt shot glasses and plates. The Spice LabThe Spice Lab Tea Collections now offer a 4-Tube Gift Collection that features the new British Teas – Cream Earl Grey, Royal Bengal Tiger, Yorkshire Earl Grey, & Buckingham Palace. In this gift collection you receive 4 tubes and a beautiful spoon to use to dip your tea out. Very nice tubes and wooden rack and spoon. Amazing collection for the tea lover in your family.The Spice LabThe Spice Lab also offers Salt 2 Go packets for the discerning dinner. Too often restaurants only offer iodized salt and not sea salt. With the new salt 2 go packets you will never have to leave home without yours. They are sealed with a plastic film in place of paper, this reduces the chance of moisture getting into your packs. They offer many different varieties in these packets – Himalayan Crystal, Red Alaea, Hickory Smoked, Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian Black Lava, Bamboo Jade, Apple Wood, Black Truffle, Vintage Merlot and Ghost Pepper Sea Salt. Who knew you had this many choices? I sure didn't and can't wait to try them all. So far, Apple Wood is my favorite. The Spice LabThe Spice Lab also offers an amazing line of rubs. We cookout several times a week during the summer time and even during some of the warmer winter days. This new line of rubs is amazing. Great tasting and so easy to use. You can choose from so many different flavors or types.

They also offer Bacon Rubs which turns store bought bacon into caramelized treats. Who does not love bacon? I can't wait to try those. I love the Poultry Rub, when I used this on our chicken and then put it on the grill. Oh my goodness the flavor was in every bite, my family was very pleased.

The Spice Lab also offers Olive Oil Dipping Herbs and Blends – so many different flavors.  Himalayan Salt Plates, Olive Wood accessories,, so many choices, so many flavors.  Another interesting product they offer is Himalayan Salt Tequila Shooters!!! The insert keeps your tequila from getting TOO salty. 

Head on over and visit, follow and check out all of their amazing products!

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