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The Strap Saver

Breathe New Life Into Your Old Straps

Have you ever felt like your favorite bra straps were starting to get too stretched out and that your chest does not look or feel like it is supported as much anymore? The reason being, is your bra straps have stretched out over time. The Strap Saver shortens straps easily without sewing. This really clever  tool is so simple in design, yet it revives your favorite items. They include tired bras, your favorite bathing suits, sports bras, tank tops, and more! The Strap Saver perfects dresses and tank tops by helping you to achieve a custom fit while leaving straps adjustable. It can save you from throwing away that bra that you thought was worn out, all by using the Strap Saver. You can keep your favorite bra and extend its life for months to come.

Don’t Throw Your Old Bra Away

I know I don’t have extra money to keep throwing bras away that have stretched out at the straps. I really don’t want to go shopping for a new bra when my old one is just fine, except the straps need a little adjustment. I actually get really sad when my favorite bra has become too worn out over time. I was looking for something that would help breathe new life into my old bra straps without having to sew them. The Strap Saver is what I needed all along. It is made of a ceramic coated or uncoated stainless steel, making it strong enough not to break. What I appreciate about the Strap Saver is that it won’t deteriorate in chlorine or salt water, as I love to take my kids swimming a lot during the summer.

Sizes and Pricing

There is a size eighteen gauge, which is regular size. Or a size fourteen gauge which is extra strength size. Regular size is meant for bras & bathing suits up to a size 40 double D, tank tops & light dresses. The Extra-Strength size is meant for bras & bathing suits size 40 triple D & larger, sports bras & heavy dresses.  By the way, these cost the same price! It is fifteen dollars for the your first pair. If you decide to get another, it is only ten dollars for each additional pair. Also, shipping is free in the United States and just two dollars for international, regardless of the side of the order. One set will shorten two straps with a built in adjuster, using the single strap saver solution to shorten your strap. Two sets will shorten two straps that do not have built in adjusters, using the double strap saver solution.

How The Strap Saver Works

These are instructions for the Single Strap.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four and Five:

Like it says on step five, do the happy dance, because you’ve now extended the life of your bra!

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