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Apps have become an integral part of many peoples’ lives. One of the most popular types of apps to download at the moment is personal finance and budgeting apps. Whether you’re aiming to save money for a memorable travelling experience or want to renovate your house, these types of apps can provide the tools needed to help you get there. 


These apps can be housed on the powerful smartphone devices we all have access to today. It makes monitoring your incomings and outgoings a breeze. Most apps provide notifications and let you know when you’re about to spend more than you can afford. Likewise, these types of apps come with helpful budgeting tools and a range of tips and advice to help you curb your spending habits also. As well as surfing the web for bargains, swiping right to find love online, and playing the Cute & Fluffy slot game, people are staying on top of their finances using these exact products. Some are better than others, of course, but on the whole, the offering in this space is impressive. 


If you require a personal finance app and like the idea of managing your money with a few taps on your smartphone device, then here is a look at some of the best options right now. 




One of the biggest and best finance apps on the market right now, Mint is hugely popular and offers a range of beneficial tools. You can use the app to track all of your spending habits, thanks to having all of your financial data in one place. Mint also allows users to track financial goals while also offering a free credit score tracking option too. 



Giving you a clear picture of your all-around finances, Prism does an excellent job at housing all of your financial accounts in a single app. Not only is it clear and easy to understand, but the app also allows users to add any bills. Then, from there, it will send due date reminders so you don’t fall behind on any payments. On top of this, Prism also helps you schedule payments.



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An app that is ideal for couples, friends and family, Spendee allows you to create shared wallets which enable users to manage shared expenses for a household budget. You can import bank transactions, add cash expenses, create budgets for each spending category, keep on top of any bills thanks to its handy bill tracker functionality, and a whole lot more. Spendee essentially offers a range of useful tools for people who aren’t saving on their own.




A clever automated savings tool that rounds up your purchases and then saves the remaining spare change into an investment portfolio, Acorns is a solid app. Essentially, if something is worth $2.80, then the app will round it up to $3 and then add the spare change into a pot for you to access at a later date. You’ll be amazed at how much you can actually save up over time with this method, especially if you haven’t used anything like it before. Acorns also comes with a range of other useful tools, and it’s easy to use, too. 




A banking app, Empower offers a range of unique features which really make a difference. It comes with no overdraft fees, it monitors your spending habits and makes recommendations on where you can make savings. It also offers $250 cash advances without late fees, interest, or credit checks which makes it an attractive option for people who are in need of some fast cash.

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