The Tote

I have a lot of stuff and I need to bring it with me or else I sometimes get in a predicament, because I did not prepare ahead of time. Things I often feel are necessary to bring, are my wallet, makeup, cleansing wipes, a water bottle, and extra depending on what I am doing for the day.

I normally have a medium size bag and it always fills up too fast, that I end up using my hands carrying extra items or lugging around an extra grocery bag or two to haul my items. It’s such an inconvenience when in reality all I need is really big bag! Not just any kind of bag, but a tote that can fit it all and is stylish at the same time. Like The Tote from Sports Chic.

Perfect for all Occasions

There are variations when looking into expectations of the best type of tote, bag, or purse, you are looking for. The Tote from Sports Chic is exactly what I had in mind, because I like oversized bags with easy access. The Tote is one that can be used at the gym, at work, or a fancy night out on town. It’s perfect for traveling because of the many functions it provides, for us women, who need to properly house their stuff when out and about. I am a no nonsense person and I want a tote that works for me and not the other way around.

Easy Access and Great Functionality

The Tote is beautiful because it embodies style and quality. I want a bag that will protect my gear and yet, be able to withstand the elements of everyday wear and tear. The Tote is classy, since it has a faux pebble grain exterior. Which I also may add is very easy to clean! I just used a wipe to clean a blotch of ketchup I accidentally dripped on it and it looked good as new. But I do say, be careful to keep it away from harsh chemicals as that will erode its beautiful luster and cloth.

Exterior Pockets

The Tote is UV protected, so there is no need to worry about over exposure in leaving it directly facing the intense heat of the sun, or its light rays. The best outside feature of the Tote is the four insulated exterior pockets. They are deep enough to hold my water bottles without falling out of it and quick enough to access when I am in a hurry. 

I despise those days, when I am in a time crunch and I can not just find what I am looking for right away, because my bag was made more for a bottomless pit rather than organization and feasibility. Those insulated exterior pockets keep my water or juice bottles cold for longer. I can also slide my cell phone into one of these exterior pockets and find it right away. I also love the interior pockets as well! They are so spacious and offer a lot of organization. With its mesh pockets, a secure zipper pocket, and an awesome key clip leash for convenience.

Polished Design

I could not have been more elated by the design. It is something I would have designed in such a way too. At the bottom of the tote are polished metallic hardware feet, to keep it off the ground away from all that yuck on the floor. Only a pound and a half in weight, but fifteen inches wide and sixteen inches tall, it’s truly a luxury. 


I have the beautiful pink color, but it is also available in silver, gold, midnight (blue), and titanium (white). Mother’s day has come early for me with getting to enjoy the Tote three months ahead of that glorious holiday. I believe every mom should have The Tote.

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