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You’ve clicked on this article because you have friends/family that are cat obsessed! If you want to give them the best Christmas ever, take a look at my gift buying guide:


This is a classic gift that is perfect to buy for anyone. Everyone you know will drink tea or coffee, so they’ll need a mug for that to go in. So, what do you do if you’ve got a cat loving friend that needs a new mug? You buy them a cat mug of course! Cat mugs are hilariously brilliant and come in so many different styles. You can get jokey cat mugs with feline related jokes on the side. Or, you can get ones that have a cute cartoon cat face drawn on it. Whatever you choose, if it has a cat on, they’ll love it!

Cat Beds

If your friend loves cats and kittens, they’ll probably own one themselves. If this is the case, why not think about buying them a gift their cat can use? One of the first things that spring to mind is a cat bed. Every pet needs a place to sleep, right? You can help your friend out by buying a nice new bed for their kitty to curl up and sleep on. It’s a gift both they and their cat will love!





A calendar is one of the most practical and simple gifts you can get your feline-loving friend this Christmas. Everyone needs a new calendar for the new year; it’s the perfect gift to buy and you know it will get used. Of course, don’t just get them any calendar, get a cat calendar! Each month will have a picture of a new cute cat or kitten on. I can guarantee any cat lover will enjoy unwrapping a calendar like this on Christmas morning.

Cat Puzzle 

If your cat lover friend loves challenges then this will be the best gift for your friend. Besides fun, these cat puzzles for cat lovers will be a good brainstorming.


You may not think it, but you can get some watches that are great for cat lovers. Instead of your normal, boring, timepiece, you can get a cat watch! No, this isn’t a watch that they can put on their actual cat’s wrist. It’s a watch that has cute little cat ears and a cat face in the middle. It’s a lovely little gift that I’m sure any cat lover will appreciate.

Hello Kitty

If you’re getting seriously stuck for ideas on what to get a cat lover this Christmas, I’ve got an ace up my sleeve. Look for anything with the Hello Kitty logo on it. Hello Kitty has been around for ages and is famous in all parts of the world. It’s also an iconic brand for cat lovers; they’ll enjoy any Hello Kitty related gift. The good thing is, there are so many different things in the Hello Kitty range, the biggest problem is not going over budget!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, not quite yet, but it’s only a matter of time! Before you know it, snow will be falling, and you’ll hear Christmas carols along your street. When Christmas arrives in 2015, you want to be fully prepared with all your gifts for your friends.

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