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The Vacuum You Need For Pet Hair



You would never tell we have as many dogs as we do, the house is always clean and smells great. One of the biggest problems we have is dog hair, we have two that are shedding summer coats, to get ready for their winter ones. Our vacuum does a great job, but we are looking for something different that will do this job and so much more.

Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum does this and more, its lightweight and gets in places that we need it too. Convenient, agile, versatile, easy to carry lightweight I love that it can be hung up on the wall, making it space-saving. You can use the Triflex in 3 different configurations based on your needs.

So easy to clean cobwebs and dust from places you can’t reach, that’s not an issue with this vacuum. Simply attach the small dusting tool and you will have a lightweight under 5-lb vacuum clean your home

You can store the Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum on the wall, where everything can be organized on the wallmount without a mess. There is also a special place for the tools that come with your vacuum. If you choose, you can charge your vacuum at the wallmount. No outlet in your closet? Not to worry[!} The battery or the charger can plug to any outlet in your home.

How do you empty the dust bin, that’s not a issue with this vacuum they designed this so you don’t touch anything, the washable filter takes care if the dust and any micro particles and the dust bin stores all of that mess.

This brush-head is designed to handle all surface types from high pile carpets, to silk rugs, and hardwood floors with ease. It simply adapts to the surface. Starting on the Cat and Dog vacuum, the cleaning head incorporates LED lights for your convenience. This vacuum cleaner is light in weight and easy to store. Apart from its convenience, the fact that you don’t need to change cleaning heads while going from carpet to hardwood floors is an important positive factor.

We love this vacuum and its the perfect one for us, no more dog hair and all the dust and cobwebs are gone. Having this vacuum we see the difference , and how well it works compared to the older one we have.

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