Time is something that flows one way, always constant, although there are times when time seems to fly, it does pass by at a measured rate that humans devised over the centuries, based around the movement of the Earth and the stars. Enter clocks – ingenious devices that keep track of time that have developed into so many types. With that in mind, here are a few clock styles that we all know and love.

  • The Wall Clock – Of course, wall clocks come in all shapes and sizes, with every interior design concept having suitable clocks to complement the room. The room might need a vintage clock with a thick surround, or perhaps a Victorian timepiece for the minimalist look. This would be good to decorate your home or office


  • The Grandfather Clock – Also known as the longcase clock, this has to be the grandest of all timepieces. If you are looking to buy grandfather clock online, there are online antique dealers with impressive selections of grandfather clocks from different eras. A good condition piece would be a very wise long-term investment, although they do require a lot of attention. A grandfather clock is certainly a statement piece.


  • The Cuckoo Clock – This attractive timepiece is usually a pendulum device that sounds off the hour with a cuckoo call, while also having a wooden platform that has holes for the cuckoo bird to appear and disappear at the turn of the hour. The cuckoo clock is said to have originated in Germany in the early 19th century and they became so popular that they are found everywhere today.


  • The Alarm Clock – Where would we be without our trusted alarm clocks? These handy timepieces set off an audible sound at specified times and many people prefer the convenience of digital units, or even using your smartphone’s alarm will wake you up to a wide choice of sounds and melodies.


  • The Watch – While not strictly a clock, no list of clock types would be complete without a section on watches, with the antique pocket watch you can acquire from the online antique dealer or from a modernized and classy pocket watch maker such as Dalvey . You may be a lover of luxury vintage watches, and who wouldn’t? The watch used to be an essential accessory, yet with the arrival of the smartphone, watches are now primarily fashion accessories that also tell the time. 


  • The Desk Clock – Not seen as much today, thanks to computers, buy in many small offices and studies around the world, you will find a small desk clock, which may or may not be digital.


Where would we be without timepieces? They enable us to plan things and such is the variation of clocks, you can decorate your home or office with a few clocks that suit the décor. You might find the idea of antique clocks appealing and with the online antique dealer, you can find everything from grandfather clocks to luxury Rolex watches and a few in between.


Clocks of today are extremely accurate and we tend to take it for granted that wherever we are, we can always tell the time. If you are lucky enough to be retired and are no longer a slave to time, you can relax and enjoy the passing of the moments without having to go to work, while the rest of us stay focused on time.

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