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The World Through Crafts

Teach Children About The World Through Crafts – Make It Fun So They Want To Learn

When you tell a child to do something they automatically rebel.  However, if you make it fun they're more willing to finish the chore!  So imagine how awesome it would be to teach children about the world around them through crafts.  Give them a box full of fun crafts and they will jump at the chance to learn.  The Womplebox by Womple Studios is the perfect subscription box that teaches kids of different ages about the world.  Especially about certain cultures they may not know about.

The Womplebox is for children ages 6 to 11 years.  It's great because the content is taught in a way they will understand.  What a great way to show kids that the world isn't all the same.  We may live and have traditions that differ from one another, but when it comes down to it, we are all people.  We're all human beings and we can love one another and find the things we have in common.

The World Is Fun When You Add Crafts

The big blue marble that we live on can be so exciting.  Unfortunately, there are people that go their entire lives without learning about others.  We need to know about other cultures and how they show love and how they dance.  It's important to see we may be different but we're still the same.

Learning Through The Womplebox

These boxes are filled with exciting materials from artists, writers, educators, and explorers.  Kids will learn about various foods, animals, and lots of adventures.  Imagine their elation when they get a box filled with fun every month!  Not only can kids 6-11 get a box, but they will soon be offering a Dinobox for ages 3-5 years.

I wish these things would've been around when my kids were little.  As a matter of fact, the internet was just coming out when they were able to use a computer!  I guess that tells my age, somewhat.  If you have little ones right now, please go and sign up for your own subscription box from Womple Studios.

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