I just adore my candle from Columbia Fragrances. It makes my house smell so nice and inviting. Everyone who comes and visits comments about how nice my house smells now that I use candles from Columbia Fragrances. I love that these candles come in all different scents. I literally have a different scent in each and every room in my house. I even have one in each of the bathrooms.

I will be recommending this candle to all my family and friends. This candle is not only my go to the candle but it is the only candle I recommend and use. This is the gift I am giving to my mom, grandma, aunt, sister and girl cousins for Mother's Day. Heck, I may even give one to my boss's wife. In fact, I will most likely be giving even my daughter, who is not even a mother yet, one or two or maybe a gift basket of these candles. She loves lotions, body washes and perfumes with nice floral-y scents.

I love that Columbia Fragrances has this Candle of the Month Club. I ran replace my candles with a new scent every month or again give them away if I have too many of one scent. But, then again, can you really have too much of a good thing such as scented candles?

These candles can last a long time. In fact, I still have mine and I use it pretty much every day all day long. I love the fresh clean scent.

My husband and I do date night almost every weekend and we love to use candles instead of using the lights plus since it is just the two of us we like that we can go easy on the electricity and not have such an expensive bill. And not only that but you can't go wrong with lighting and a nice clean scent. How about that 2 for 1.

To place an order head on over to www.ColumbiaFragrances.com



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