These At Home Workout Sets Will Change Your Life


If you are over gym fees and crowds, then you may have considered getting your own home workout equipment. It doesn’t take you long once you start looking at home equipment that you realize how expensive it can get. So finding affordable, durable, and versatile equipment is key to making sure you make the most of your workout space and your budget! Here are the best at-home workout sets on the market! And they will change the way you look at home equipment altogether! 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are all the craze right now, but for good reason! They are lightweight, affordable, and can be used for just about every type of workout! Kayezen Vector has resistance band set that will change your life! The Single Vector Mobile System allows for you to work out in a small space in your home with ten pounds to hundred pounds of resistance! It great for HIIT, endurance, or stability training. One of the best features of this system is the Performance Training app! The app allows access to Vector coach and workout plans!

Adjustable Dumbbells

Limited on space? FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells is perfect because it allows you to adjust the barbell weight to fit your workout needs! It allows for five sets in one from five pounds to fifty-five pounds! Adjustable dumbbells are perfect additions to your home gym because they are compact and adjustable! Win-win! 

Floor Mats

A good floor mat can go a long way. Their compact, versatile, prevent injuries and are great for a variety of workouts. From yoga to ab workouts, to HIIT training, a floor mat like Balanceform’s All Purpose Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap is perfect for at-home workouts or impromptu workout sessions in the park!


When looking for home workout sets, versatility is key. You want workout equipment that can be suited for a variety of workouts, training, and movements. Kettlebells offer this versatility! 

There are many brands like Apex and JaxJox that offer adjustable kettlebells or you can purchase a set with a range of weights. Body Solid Iron offers a six kettlebell set. Kettlebells can be expensive so be sure to find a brand that fits your fitness goals and budget! 


Jump Ropes

One of the most efficient forms of cardio is jump roping. On average, you can burn 200 calories with twenty minutes of jump roping. Jump ropes are inexpensive as well and can be done virtually anywhere! Depending on your fitness goals, you can find the right type of jump rope for you. Rogue Fitness has basic, weighted, or speed jump ropes. 


Portable Home Gym

Portable home gyms allow for quick set-up to get your workout done and then put away to free up your living space. Generally, most portable home gyms have a base, resistance bands, and handle to target specific body parts or exercises. Gymwell Portable Home Gym has resistance training from sixty pounds to two-hundred and forty pounds! Its compact, travel-friendly and comes with a range of attachments. All in a convenient travel bag! Another great feature of this portable gym is its price! It is relatively affordable given the quality of the product and the range of resistance weight.  To make sure you have the best in equipment have a pilates table, that can help with your exercise and weight lifting. 


Things to Remember

When looking for at-home workout sets keep these things in mind!

  • Fitness Goals

What are your fitness goals? Once you’ve answered this question you can find the right equipment to achieve it! 

  • Budget

Fitness equipment can be outrage expensive, so keep a level head and don’t get sold on gimmicky, fad equipment, or snazzy marketing. Sometimes the basic, conventional equipment is best! 

  • Living Space

If you are buying equipment to use in your home, it’s best to go with compact equipment. Look for attachments that can be used on doors or can be stored easily.

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