I love any opportunity to buy my friends and family a gift. Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, finding that perfect present gives you the warmest fuzzy feeling. Whenever I see something in the stores or online, I always think it would make a wonderful gift for one of them. So why is it when it’s time to buy a gift, you can never find anything that’s right? I’ve put together a list of some of the cutest gift ideas for next time you’re stuck for inspiration:


Candy Basket

I love those little candy gift baskets you get around Easter. But I love it when you can buy an enormous one already wrapped and perfect to give as a birthday present. You can sometimes customize the gift too. Perhaps you want to choose some of the candies that go in there. Or maybe you’re after something even more creative like a mold to make your own designer chocolates?


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Personalized Gifts

I love it when you can personalize the gift you’re giving. I did this with a book gift for my little one recently. He loved it, and I loved it just as much. Even if you’re only getting their name put on the gift, that special little extra something makes any gift wonderful. Check out cheap and cheerful ideas like mugs and stationery sets. Or go for something a little more extravagant like jewelry or clothing.


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Stuffed Animals

When you are buying something for a child, you really can’t beat a stuffed toy. There are several places in the malls now where you can create your own stuffed toy either with or without the child present. Choose the type of animal, the eye color, and even how firm or squishy the stuffing is. Some places even give the new toy a little birth certificate. It’s so cute. It makes my heart melt!


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Experience Gifts

For the grown-ups, I think and experience gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. There is an experience for every enthusiast out there. If they’re into football, they can have a stadium tour. If they love fast cars, they can drive one around a race track. Spa days, hot air balloon rides, and even themed dinners can be purchased. Of course, if it’s parachuting, you might want to find someone else to spend the day with them!


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Food Ink Pens

I love baking and cooking. For all my like-minded friends, these are an absolute must. The food pens are exactly like felt tipped pens, but they contain edible food dyes instead. That means you can safely write or draw on your cookies or other foods. You can draw love notes, cute doodles, and even reminders on the kids’ lunches! Who wouldn’t want one?


Hopefully, there are some ideas here that will help you out in a gift buying dilemma. Often our budgets can get in the way, but here you have an idea for every price range. Take your time to think about what the recipient loves in life. That often generates enough ideas to get you started. Happy shopping.


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  1. These are great gift ideas. I worry that I would just end up chewing on the food pen instead of using it for its intended purpose, although I do wish someone would send me a candy gift basket. 🙂

  2. Heather Simon says:

    I love all of these ideas! I’ve never heard of the food ink pens, but they sound amazing!!! I have many friends who love to bake, so I’ll definitely need to put those on my gift list.

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