When it comes to your skin you really do need to take care of it. I am very anal about taking care of mind especially because I am getting older. You do have to be really careful today especially with the ozone levels, the sun, and all the other things in the air. Also, all other things add age to your face and skin, things like stress, not enough sleep, just to name a few.  All things really add to your skin aging and you do have to take care of it. I just recently came about some products that I have been using and they are amazing and I would really love to share with everybody, so you to can possibly try to feel absolutely amazing as I do from using these Fernberry products.

Fernberry products are amazing, and they have a vision in their products to help restore the skins natural radiance. All their products are made with traditional ingredients and then paired up with a very special ingredient “Sodium-Hyaluronate Crosspolymer”. This special ingredient makes their products to be able to give amazing results when it comes to hydration, youth fullness and of course last but not least make you glow.  Fernberry makes their products with a lot of love so customers will be satisfied with the product. They release their products one at a time, after going through some serious testing and of course safety regulations. Fernberry is very serious when it comes to producing their products for us to enjoy and partake in using. One thing I absolutely loved when reading about their product is “They say their top ingredients are always patience and passion” absolutely love this.  



The first product I would love to talk about is the Moisturizing Mousse. The Moisturizing Mousse  is amazing, it not only smells wonderful from the Blueberry smell, it makes you feel so wonderfully smooth after using the product, it makes your skin in my opinion baby soft. This product is so gentle on your skin you could use it every day if you wanted. This product has sea salt in it which is what actually makes it possible to scrub away all the old dull dry skin and cleans the pores out for you.  But the other ingredients in this product is also amazing, from the Chamomile flower that soothes the skin, after exfoliating your skin, to the Argan and Jojoba oils which make your skin so smooth like a baby’s butt, it also has blueberry and yuzu in it which aids in the help of stress and free Radicals. This product smells so good you kinda wish it was edible.



Second Product the Replenishing Smoothie Conditioning Foot Cream, of course, you can not forget about those feet and those tootsies. Think about all the stress that we put on our feet and tootsies, from standing and walking, to running and exercising to other things that our feet and tootsies endure, they can not be neglected. This foot cream is wonderful its creamy and lightweight and leaves your feet and toes feeling mighty special. What is so nice about the cream is that it is definitely not sticky in any way it is so silky smooth and it gives you more time in between pedicures because of some of the special ingredients in this product. I have used plenty of products on my feet and some of them have that mint smell to them which is okay. But what I love about this product is the Lavender oil in it, I love lavender, it is so soothing, and the aroma of lavender is so heavenly to me, it is so calming.   This product also has such ingredients in it as Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Algae Extract which is a deep-sea secret they say, which helps with elasticity and which is what gives you more time between pedicures. Finally it also has Marshmallow root extract in it which brings lots of softness to your feet and toes. Replenishing Smoothie can be used anytime especially if you are definitely looking to pamper those feet and tootsies. Heck, your feet deserve it considering what they endure every day, don’t they?


Petals and Cream also amazing, I actually carry this with me in my handbag. especially because I find my hands are always dry, cause I am constantly washing them, so this softening hand cream is amazing. You will absolutely love the cherry blossom smell to it also, especially because one of the ingredients in this product is Cherry Blossom Extract which is what retains moisture to make your hands so skin soft. It also has Japanese plum and Yuzu, besides all the vitamins and antioxidants that also help to add youthfulness back to your skin adding skin tone and elastic to your skin. This hand cream also has Tsubaki Oil, and Shea Butter in it Tsubaki Oil helps with softening the cubicles and the Shea Butter restores nutrients and vitality back to your nails. So Petals and  Cream not only takes care of your hands but aids in helping your cubicles and nails.


 Lastly Mochi Lips, Nourishing Lip Conditioner, you know us women and our lips we have to keep them special not only for us but for our special someone, and of course when we are out and about. Well I love Mochi Lips it immediately softens and conditions your lips as soon as you apply it on, it probably has to do with the amazing ingredients in this lip conditioner. Mochi lips have Tsubaki flower, sweet almond, and sunflower seed oils, it is amazing,  this is another product that I carry in my handbag by Fernberry, because it is amazing.


Fernberry products can purchased through website also threw amazon. If you are definitely looking for amazing products please do give Fernberry a try you will not be disappointed at all. They take pride in their products and definitely aim to please. Also please take a look at them on facebook

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