Okay, we all love fried food and know that they are unhealthy. Fries, chips, twinkies, tempura or any other deep fried varieties should be avoided at any cost. However, we give into them very easily without thinking about the consequences. Food scientists thought it was the time they developed something that would cook the food healthily without altering the taste. This gave birth to air fryer and ever since then it has been praised by nutritionists and health enthusiasts alike. People did have a moment of doubt when they thought about air fryer vs oven, but that seems to have ended. For these are almost a common sight in every home these days as people have become very health conscious. We bet, you also want one, but you do not know where to start from. No worries, we have got you covered and you can read this post until the end to get the hang of things to consider before buying an air fryer.
Things to Consider before buying an Air Fryer

Finding the best air fryer on the market is no rocket science. All you need is a little patience and understanding of your kitchen. Do you have that extra space in the kitchen? If yes, then go ahead and even you don’t, we are sure, you must have figured out a place in the house to put it up. Here are some more questions that you need to attain an answer for this, as doing so will lead you to the one air fryer you need the most.

Cooking style – This should be the first question to ask yourself before you actually buy an air fryer. Do you like fried food? How often do you cook? Are you a fast food person? That is, do you like pizzas, French fries, and the likes? If the answer to most of these questions is in the affirmative, then you certainly need an air fryer. Remember it is ideal for people that like cooking fast and prefer cleaning up even faster!


The size of the fryer – You are the boss and you decide for this. You know your family size and the amount of food consumption, especially in the case of fried food. Generally speaking, you can buy an air fryer that is around 2 pounds, if you are cooking for less than four people. Anything more than four requires a bigger size fryer. Get the one that is easy to store in your present apartment. Again, you must buy something that suits your prerequisites in the best possible ways.

Adjustable settings – An air fryer must have settings that help you in cooking. These markings will help you cook better by taking better decisions. This appliance is about that, healthy and tasty cooking, so it must come with a clear set of instructions that assist you to cook the best of the meal.

Capacity – It must be mentioned that most air fryers cook food between 1.8 pounds to 2.5 pounds. Not to mention, that this is more than enough to cook drumsticks and fries. Nonetheless, if you are looking to cook a whole turkey or anything of that sort, then you must go for a larger device.

Wattage – Yes, this plays an important role for the whole house and not only the kitchen. This is because you do not want to house to get electrocuted or the fuse to go off owing to a new appliance in the kitchen. Most of these fryers work within a range of 700 to 1500 watts.

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