Things New Residents in Arizona Should Do to Adapt to Life in the Copper State



Moving to a new house in a completely new location is a massive deal, particularly if you have a family and you are also relocating with your children. When moving somewhere new there is always a settling in process where you begin adapting to your new surroundings. 


Arizona is a wonderful welcoming state, full of beautiful natural attractions such as the Grand Canyon National Park, the Monument Valley unique red-sand desert region, and many fascinating remnants of geological history. 


Here we have some top tips on ways new residents to Arizona can embrace their new environment and successfully adapt to life in the state. 


The Best Ways to Get Around in the State

Arizona state is very large and is roughly the same size in area as the country of Italy. Therefore it’s important for you to bear in mind how exactly you intend to get around the state when living there. Places in Arizona can be really quite spaced out, and the two largest cities Phoenix and Tucson are 115 miles from one another, or just under a 2-hour long drive. 

Given Arizona’s size and the lack of high-speed public transport links between destinations a large distance apart in the state, often the best way to get around is by taking the car. If you find yourself down the line needing to buy a car whilst living in Arizona, have a look at the  EchoPark used car dealership in Phoenix. There’s a range of exciting scenic road trips ideal for family vacations on offer in Arizona, where you can all enjoy taking in views of the stunning prominent red rocks on the horizon. 

Learning a Little Bit of Spanish Can Be a Great Help When Moving to Arizona

Arizona borders the Mexican regions of Sonora and Baja California. In the state’s border communities, the most widely spoken language is often Spanish, even if the town is just on the US side of the border. Hispanics make up 42.6% of the city of Phoenix’s population according to a 2019 census. 

It is therefore very useful and helps a lot with everyday life in Arizona to be bilingual, or able to communicate a bit in Spanish. So, encourage your kids to concentrate on learning Spanish at school, or and take some lessons yourself to improve your level of Spanish. Learning Spanish is one way to help you settle into your new life in the state.

You Will Have to Get Yourself Accustomed to the State’s Dry Climate

Arizona endures very hot and dry summers, with temperatures sometimes going as high as 120 F between the June and August months. If you have moved from a state which is much colder all year round with particularly bitterly cold winters such as Alaska, Washington, Alaska, or Michigan then you might get a bit of a shock when you first move to Arizona. Be sure that you and your family are careful to spend time in the shade, where sun hats outdoors, and apply sun block regularly to protect your skin from any damage from the sun. The climate is a key part of adjusting to life in Arizona.

However, it cools down significantly across the state particularly during the winter December to February, and Arizona experiences more mild temperatures during the spring months March to May, and the fall period of September to November. 

These are things you must be aware of and steps you must take to adapt well when moving to Arizona. 


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