Things To Consider Before a Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery



Following pregnancy and during breastfeeding, women have to deal with body changes. With stretch marks, sagging and loose skin, weight loss, they find it difficult to recognize themselves. It looks very different from the former self, and this is where their self-esteem goes down. These days mommy makeovers have become a popular procedure for dealing with these problems and rectifying them. It is not a single treatment but a cycle of different plastic surgeries performed on the individual for breast procedures, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

The different combination of plastic surgery process helps bring out the former self and thereby boosts the self-esteem of the new mummy. However, you have to get in touch with a reputable plastic surgeon who can perform the task precisely. Before you get in touch with the individual, there are different areas that you will have to contemplate.


Areas you cannot avoid before going for the procedure


You have to get your preoperative body tested to determine your health and medical fitness before undergoing general anesthesia. You will have to make arrangements for an individual who may take care of your child when you are out for the surgery. Grocery shopping has become an essential aspect. It is because you have to become prepared with snacks and food which are low in sodium content. Refill the painkiller prescription as it will be necessary for the post-operative scenario. It would help if you had a comfortable place where you can sleep on your post-surgery days. 


Clear your doubts regarding the procedure with your plastic surgeon when you are out for your regular check-up. Always go for a surgeon who is reputed and has a good track record. Look for suggestions from your friends and family members. Remember that your medical condition has a lot to do with your procedure. From your medicine to your diet to your workout, everything needs proper attention. Before you reach the clinic, wear comfortable clothes with an elastic waistband and loose tops.


Stay away from these things


After you have prepared yourself for the surgery, it's time to stay away from a few things. Take your medicine on time or the herbal supplement that your doctor prescribed. The WC Ong Plastic Surgery Clinic will ask you to cut down on your alcohol consumption and smoking. Remember that the procedure takes time, and you will have to be patient with it. The recovery time and surgical process are pretty long. Never shave on the day of the surgery or a few days before. It only increases the risk of infection; as such, you should not drink or eat anything at midnight before the surgery.


When you consider all these aspects, you become better positioned to appear for the mommy makeover. Remember that every case is unique. You will have to stick to the recommendation and prescription of your doctor and get all your doubts cleared before you appear for the procedure. Try to set a realistic expectation for yourself, and that will help you in your post-operative scenario.

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