Cooker Hoods, Range Hoods or Extractor Hoods is one of the essential equipment in your kitchen. They take out vapor, mist, fatty oils and smell from your kitchen or the entire house for that matter. They also regulate heat in the kitchen and would prevent some of the parts of the house from damage due to heat and stains. This will also improve the value of the property when considering you’re considering to sell the house.



Before purchasing your cooker hood, there are some details that you’d need to know and would have to be discussed with your contractor. The experts from has made a comprehensive description of the variations of this component. The details will greatly help you in designing your kitchen and finding the right cooker hood for you. Here are some tips when you buy one:

  1. Routing

In designing your home, you’d have to consider the air exhaustion and the transfer route. An example would be to optimize airflow. A 90-degree elbow without optimization equates a horizontal distance of volume flow of 6 meters if traveling straight horizontally. In contrast, if an elbow is optimized it will reduce the volume flow to just 2.2 meters. To have a seamless route, avoid the reduction of the cross-section of the ducts.

  1. Material

A smooth-walled pipe, either a circular or a flat duct, will give you the least resistance against the airflow. A corrugated pipe with low wavelength is acceptable, but a tightly corrugated pipe will have the resistance and would retain the most dirt and stains.

  1. Dimensions

In installing your cooker hood, a recommended distance between you and range is 65 cm. This is a good balance of cooking comfortably and an efficient absorption of the heat and smoke from the burners. There should be a good overlap in the length of the hood versus the hobs. An example would be if you have a 60 cm length of hobs, it is recommended that it is centered in a 90 cm length of cooker hood. 

  1. Recirculation

Having a recirculating extractor will be good in the kitchen as it absorbs the air from the burner and filters it and blows back clean air into the kitchen. 

  1. Multilevel Filters

A multilayer metal filter will help absorb oil and dirt from the hob and pairing it with a carbon filter for recirculating hoods will greatly keep the air and the kitchen clean. A metal filter will be easy to clean and you can install it again. You can also do the cleaning by professional Apex Hood Cleaning, Inc

  1. Considering other units of the building

If you are one of several dwellings in a building you must discuss your plans with your designer or landlord. Fire prevention and efficient extraction of smoke must be discussed, particularly for a centralized shaft that is connected to a number of range hoods. Neighboring windows and other factors nearby must be considered as well.

Cooker hood provides you a clean and comfortable living within your kitchen and the house in general. The extraction of toxins and other unpleasant elements will greatly benefit you and your family. Remember the points above to select the right cooker hood and also consider the warranty and other requirements for whichever brand or model you’d select.


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