Things to Consider Before Moving to Phoenix 

With its year-round sunshine, selection of golf courses, and adventurous outdoor offerings, Phoenix, Arizona could be an attractive option when buying your next house.

If you are pondering about making a move, there are some important factors to take into consideration. This article will outline some of the things you'll want to be aware of before buying a house in Phoenix.


Also known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is situated in the Sonoran Desert, which is also the hottest desert in North America. Sweltering heat exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit is common in the summer, so be prepared to embrace some extremely warm periods.

Such high temperatures can also cause heavy downpours, which can lead to flash floods and dangerous road conditions. However, except for excessively warm summers, Phoenix weather can be consistently pleasant over the year with mild winters. 


A study from George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis (CREUA) found Phoenix to be one of the least walkable cities in the United States, ranking 29th out of the 30 largest metro areas in the country.

Living in Phoenix without a car is possible, but your options may be limited. Phoenix is a sprawling metropolis, and it’s not easy to navigate without a vehicle. This is why having a driver’s licence and some form of transportation should be considered before moving.

Dust Storms

Known as ‘haboobs’, high desert winds can produce large dust storms which can overwhelm the city during the monsoon seasons from June to September.

Not only do they reduce visibility completely when they arrive, but these storms can also produce small grains of sand which can enter the lungs. It is especially important to remain indoors, if possible, to avoid this happening. If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, it is important to take extra care in these conditions.


Nicknamed as ‘snowbirds’, Phoenix becomes flooded with tourists in the winter who like to spend the colder months in a milder clime.

For residents, this time of year can get especially crowded, as an influx of Midwesterners, Canadians and NYC residents all decide to head to Phoenix. Expect restaurants to be booked and roads to get busier over this period.

Dangerous Wildlife

The deserts of Arizona are home to many types of wildlife, some of which are harmless and some of which are not. Canyons and desert landscapes are ideal for dangerous creatures such as aggressive bees, scorpions, rattlesnakes, and venomous tarantulas.

Research Locations

You may be moving to Phoenix for work, but might prefer to live somewhere quieter. If a large city is not for you, you may want to consider living in a smaller city or a nearby town such as Scottsdale, Litchfield Park or Glendale where you can also find a mix of families and retirement communities.

With the information in this article, you can now make an informed decision as to whether Phoenix is the right move for you. For more help and information why not check out this Phoenix, AZ housing market guide.

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