Opening up a motel business with twin room facilities could prove to be a challenging yet rewarding task. Just like another business this also needs proper planning and strategic implementation. When you consider the competition you realize that you have to offer facilities and amenities to the travelers and visitors that will set yours apart from the rest. Even the simplest of concepts like bed-and-breakfast motels need ample time to carry out extensive research before taking a plunge into the cut-throat competition.  While planning does not forget that it is going to be your access to financial resources that initially calls for smart options on investments. When you plan to stay at a motel do you look for a motel with pool, we do because we love to be able to swim.

Options to Consider

As the plan for starting a Twin Room motel can be overwhelming for a single entrepreneur, decide step by step and come to a conclusion based on the following factors that will give you a clear perception:

  • Decide on the type of motel accommodation you are looking to offer your visitors, budget, affordable or upscale. Though motels were considered as cheap options of accommodation, with competition becoming stringent, motel owners are also including amenities to attract customers.
  • Decide whether you want to stick to services that are related to rooms only or want to add facilities and amenities food facilities and fitness centers.
  • Draw out a plan and do not forget to point out the initial financial backup that you need for starting a motel business. Take the assistance of a professional consultant to full proof your plan.
  • You can also pay a visit to the competitor motels to have a practical idea of how it works and the services that they have included.


Permit for Motel License

To make your Twin Room motel plan a successful one, opting for a motel license is a mandatory law. It will give you a registered number and make you an eligible candidate for paying taxes and other legal fees to make your business an ethical one.  Many cities also have additional requirements for permission to operate, a license for managerial tasks and also license for selling foods and beverages. Motels offering services like parlors and spas must have additional licenses. Do not forget to talk to your attorney about the liability charges and the things that you must get covered under the insurance.

Plans for Furnishing and Decoration

After you have sorted out the financial and legal factors of opening a motel business it is time to focus on the aesthetics such as:

  • After you have secured the position of your motel, pay attention to the decoration part. No matter how small your motel business is, if you refurbish it carefully, it can be an excellent marketing tool for attracting visitors.
  • Pay full attention to factors like electricity, cable, and internet connection as the proper functioning will make your customers come again and again to your motel.
  • Hire an interiors designer to assist you in decorating the rooms with color schemes, bedding ideas, walls and carpets.
  • Be careful with the way your treat your guests as hospitality is a vital factor in motel business. Try an employed staff that has experience so that your guests do not feel uncomfortable during the stay.


Proper Advertisement in Market

Without proper advertisement, all your hard work will be wasted. One of the smartest strategies of an entrepreneur is that it invests a significant amount of marketing for its motel so that it gets double the money invested in the business. Get your motel register to travel agencies and websites so that it gets the maximum exposure and guests can get familiar with what you are offering through your business.




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