Cape Town is one of the most beautiful destinations you can travel to and also has so much to offer for all kinds of travelers. From beautiful scenery, adventure, wildlife and even many water activities, there’s an abundance of things to do in Cape Town to make your holiday truly spectacular. 

But, if it’s your first-time visiting Cape Town, there are a few essentials that you need to cross off your list. 

Experience the farm-to-table dining 

Cape Town is known for its spectacular food with a wide variety available to suit everyone’s taste. However, the reviews over at NoxRentals recommend great dining locations that every first timer needs to try. Farm-to-dining experience isn’t just food freshly cooked, knowing the source of the food and getting served with the highest local quality produce, but it’s also the kind of experience you don’t want to miss, especially in Cape Town because many local restaurants have the ability to grow their own food while giving you the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view with their incredible scenery. That not only gives you the opportunity to have the meal of a lifetime, but you’ll also be in a stunning setting that will take your breath away making you enjoy the entire experience a whole lot more. 

Hike to Table Mountain 


You can’t be in Cape Town and not do the number one activity on Cape Town’s to-do list. While there is an option of taking a cable car up to the summit, the hiking trail is an incredible experience with spectacular scenery that makes it entirely worth it. However, the picturesque landscape at the top of Table Mountain is to die for, making it more important to reach the top regardless of how you choose to get there. 3,500ft above the ground, you can enjoy being at the top of one of the seven natural wonders of the world and even go gift shopping, drink coffee, have a snack or look for one of the most famous animals in Cape Town: the Dassie. Just make sure that the weather is clear before you hike up there to be able to enjoy the view. 

Visit Boulders beach 


One other thing you need to cross off your list as a first-timer in Cape Town is meeting the African penguins. In order to see these waddling creatures that you’re bound to fall in love with, you need to pay Boulder’s beach a visit where you can enjoy a day chilling on the sandy beaches or taking a dip in the water. Seeing the African Penguin colony is a sight for sore eyes and definitely an experience of a lifetime. While you’re in the area, you can head to Simon’s Town known for its historic streets where you can grab a bite before you head back into the city. 

Don’t miss the city farm market 

There’s something about markets that lets you experience the city at its best by interacting with the locals, trying out the food that the city has to offer and just getting a glimpse of the many different aspects of the city’s culture through observations, people and food. You can experience all that as well as the organic, local produce every Saturday. From the incredible street food, meals, treats and snacks, to even coffee, there’s so many delicacies that you’ll get to taste and see. There are also other great  markets you can go to, such as the Neighbourgoods Market, the Lourensford Twilight Market, Somerset West or the Earth Fair Market according to the time and day you’ll be visiting.

Go on a safari 

You can’t be in Cape Town and not head on a safari to encounter some of the most incredible animals on the continent. While they will require you to head out of Cape Town, there are many options that are as close as two hours away. One of the most popular areas near Cape Town is the Aquila Game Reserve where you have many exciting activities and options to head around the area. While you can go on a traditional game drive, you can also explore the area on horseback or quad bikes making it an interesting activity on its own. You’ll also get to see a variety of wildlife making the experience truly exceptional. 

Visiting a new city has always been exciting, but when visiting Cape Town in specific, there’s so much to do that the list is endless. However, in order to get a feel of the city and experience its culture, beauty and activities, you need to cross off these things from your list to help you get the true Cape Town experience.

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