image.gifHaving a pet is awesome, and it’s hard not to want one when we see a friend or family member with a great dog or cat. Aside from being affectionate, they're low maintenance as pug puppies in Houston for sale because they tend to sleep a lot and they don't bark much which is perfect if you're living in an apartment . However, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before introducing a pet into your home. Even if you have good intentions, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for this level of responsibility and care. 


They Cost Money


Okay, so most people realize that having a pet is going to make a dent in your financial resources, but maybe they don’t realize how much. Of course you’re going to need to make purchases on food, but if you’re getting a cat you’ll also need to pick up litter fairly consistently. Then there’s the added cost of toys, which you definitely want to grab when they’re younger (so they don’t decide to play with household items). For dogs you’ll need to get a leash as well. Your regional laws may also require you to vaccinate your cat or dog, and neutering them is highly recommended as well. If they ever get sick, you’re going to see large vet bills, and you need to decide if you’re ready to take on that sort of responsibility.  


They Need Attention 


Pets are a lot like having a small child, they’re going to require a lot of attention and love. Even cats need to be interacted with on a consistent basis according to an article by despite their seemingly independent attitude they’re loving creatures. So make sure they know they’re loved. Dogs need to go outside to be physically and mentally happy on a regular basis, so make sure this fits into your schedule.


 Some dogs require more physical activity than others, so if you’re shopping by breed, find a dog that suits the amount of activity that you get. Cats require a minimum of ten minutes of playtime everyday, but they sleep a lot more than dogs after they’ve matured which makes them optimal pets for less active individuals. Before owning a pet, you must fist do you research like, how to discipline a cat.


They’ll Be Around For Awhile 


Deciding to have a pet is a big decision, and you’ll want to take their lifespan into account prior to adopting that responsibility. Remember, some dogs can live up to 12 years or long, and cats may live upwards of 20 years. Even smaller animals like snakes have a lifespan of up to ten years. Before you decide to give an animal a forever home, decide on if you’re going to be willing to train them, and if forever really means forever. There’s already an abundance of unwanted animals in the world, so be ready to make a long commitment. 


They’re A Handful 


If you’re adopting a cat, or getting a dog when they’re a kitten or puppy, expect some damage to be done. These little balls are fur are charged with an amount of energy that makes olympic athletes envious. Kittens are going to run around when you’re sleeping at night and getting into all kinds of trouble. Dogs are going to pee on the floor instead of asking you to go out. Don’t get frustrated and think that you have a “bad” pet, they’re pretty much babies at this point. Be patient, and understand and cultivate a relationship with them. By the end of things you’ll be rewarded with a loving and well behaved creature. 


It’s Rewarding 


No matter how much money you spend, and how frustrated you get, nothing can top the feeling of having a well behaved pet. Trust me, with a little effort in the right areas (or a lot of effort) your hard work will be worth it. You’ll have a companion by your side for the next decade to create memories with. Sometimes pets can make us feel that much better after having a difficult day, and they become as part of the family as any other member. 




If you’re a caring person, you should definitely adopt from an animal shelter. Puppy kennels can have horrible living conditions for puppies, and interbreeding takes place leading to a host of health problems. If you don’t want to support the trade of animal abuse adopting is where it’s at. Pure breeds do tend to suffer from more health problems due to a lack of genetic diversity, so you’ll want to take this into consideration even if you really want that Alaska Malamute. 


Along with the other factors included on this list, you’ll also want to consider if having a pet will be good for your children, but this is a personal decision. I would highly suggest adopting over purchasing from a breed anytime, it’s a great way to give an abandoned animal a forever home. If you’ve decided to have a pet, you’ll soon find what a rewarding and loving experience it can be. 


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