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You may have noticed over the last few years that furniture covers are becoming more popular. But why? What's wrong with getting nice furniture to begin with? We all know what happens when you buy a bunch of new stuff. It always gets scratched or nicked or dinged up by your kids, pets, significant other, drunken friends, boxes being moved in and out of storage—you name it. The list is practically endless.

And there's also the fact that by the time you're done paying off your credit cards for those purchases (and let's admit it: most of us use credit cards for home decorating), six months later, something newer and better comes along and suddenly you've got an old piece of junk taking up space in your house, and you can't figure out where to put it.

You've got two options: either replace it (you don't want people seeing the old, outdated stuff you used to own) or try covering it up with a slipcover (assuming you know how to make those – or buy one).

Living in an apartment without pets or children, we felt no guilt for trying slipcovers and covers over real leather. They just never seemed to fit right, and we hated having them on there even if they did look good. I guess once you get used to seeing the couch as a couch and not a slipcovered one, you never want to look at it as something different. So we took to, where people have been selling furniture covers as a primary income line for years now. All of our furniture has seen better days, and we were tired of looking at that and feeling bad about ourselves.

Buy from different sellers

We bought nine pieces from nine different sellers. We made sure they were all priced the same, so there wouldn't be any sifting through listings looking for deals—or overpaying because we thought we'd found a good deal that turned out to be ridiculous in hindsight. Plus, you can always find a few steals or deals on Amazon even if it's by accident, which was nice if only because everything is delivered for free with Amazon Prime (if you're not an Amazon Prime member, you should seriously consider it).

Variation in prices

We discovered that there's a surprising amount of variation in the price and quality, even within the same seller. The best cover turned out to be from our least favourite seller. It was also one of the cheapest covers, but it fit perfectly with no guesswork or alterations needed beforehand. We were impressed by how nice they were made, and we'd recommend buying this particular product if you're looking for a slipcover. 

Just make sure you check the measurements before ordering—accurate measurements are vital to getting a good fit on furniture.

The material was terrible, and there's no way I'd trust my new (and costly) mattress inside of it. The most costly cover cost nearly $200, and it wasn't worth half that! And the quality of the fabric was shocking: some cheap polyester blend that didn't feel good to the touch at all, so we returned it without even putting it on anything.


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