Things To Know When Having a Holiday Wedding

Things To Know When Having a Holiday Wedding

Did you know that December is the most popular month in which people get engaged? Did you also know the Fourth of July weekend is one of the best holidays to get married? This is due to many people being off from school and work. And since the Fourth is during the summer, there’s no better time to have a wedding than on this holiday.

Before you jump into planning your holiday wedding, take a moment to reflect on the process and to consider these things to know when having a holiday wedding.

Holiday Weddings Are Great Ways To Score Deals

Scoring a dream wedding is a goal we all have, but an even better goal is having a holiday wedding surrounded by friends and family members. Your day will be even more memorable, and remembering your anniversary date will be even easier!

Even if you plan on having your wedding around Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to seek out every opportunity to save a little money. The best deals will always be present during holidays, so make sure to seek out venues that have deep discounts around those dates. If you’re looking to get married in the fall or summer, consider finding a holiday in one of these seasons—such as Labor Day—and getting married around that date.

You May Have To Keep Your Holiday Theme Minimal

Wedding themes are a ton of fun, but if there’s a guest on your list who doesn’t celebrate your holiday or who doesn’t know much about it, it’s a good idea to tone down your theme. For example, instead of using Santa hats for your Christmas-themed wedding, consider using alternative decoration pieces such as foliage to set the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. Décor is best when it’s simple.

Decorations Will Become Seamless

Holiday weddings are a lot easier when you’re considering things to know when having a holiday wedding. They’re especially easy when it comes to decorating. For those patriotic holiday–lovers out there, you’ll want to go all out with red, white, and blue or coordinate those colors into your palette. For a wedding around Halloween, consider scattering candy on tables and using spooky names and themes as placeholders for your guests.

Adorn your holiday decorations with the best festive colors to represent the holiday on which your wedding falls. Get your guests involved by making the decorations interactive. For example, you can provide themed games or outside activities during or after your reception. For other holidays, the table toppers, bouquets, and even lighting will be the highlights. Get creative with your decorating!

Holiday Weddings Can Be Tough

Even though there’s so much creativity in the process of having a holiday wedding, the planning—including creating a guest list—can be frustrating. Consider your guest list with care, and highlight any guests who might have issues with attending a holiday wedding. Also, consider whether the holiday will be a busy travel day.

Holiday weddings can be tough, so while planning, make sure to look out for any special honeymoon discounts.

Your wedding is special, and you should treat it as such. Pick a holiday that’s personal to you, but before planning your big day on a holiday, consider using these tips.

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