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The decision to get a tattoo is difficult, especially if you were doing it for the first time. Different people have different motives for tattooing, but the one thing is common for all – this body painting is a permanent mark, which is not easy to remove or cover. So you have to be sure of your decision.

A list of common reasons why people got tattoos is below:


For your idea of body artwork to become real, it needs to be done by a professional tattooist. These artists usually work in reputable shops. So when choosing a studio in Phuket, you want to make sure that you are not wasting time and money. 

What's more important, you don't want to entrust your skin to someone without enough experience and skills. You can end up with the tattoo you hate; even worse, you could have a rather unpleasant or painful experience.

Don't Decide Based on Sayings


Before you start anything, you have to do your research. Friends, relatives, or anyone you know can help you. It's great when you find out about studios near you that have an excellent reputation among customers. But these shouldn't be the only factors for your decision. You need to dig deeper to get more information.

Although your friend might show you a great piece of artwork, you should look for more. Going online for reviews and feedback can give you a clue about how a particular studio works. After this initial research, you'll end up with a few names you should check in person.

Go to Studio


Whatever information you find on the Internet, keep in mind that it can vary in the real world. It mainly refers to the appearance of the workspace and the hygiene and safety standards themselves. That is why it's always the best solution to visit a tattoo shop before the final decision in order to see for yourself the working conditions. 

Some tattoo shops charge and have an appointment plan for visits. Be sure to ask about it rather than just going to the studio and not entering it at all. Appointment-only studios seem more professional, so you should go with them, even when it means you will have to wait for your meeting.

Check Cleanliness


Given the global situation regarding the pandemic, it is crucial to find a tattoo studio that meets the highest sanitary and hygienic standards. But, as explained on this link, proper hygiene also matters once you get a tattoo.

As soon as you step inside the studio, pay attention to them. Do they look clean and disinfected? Is the equipment adequately sanitized? Are there particular rooms for working and receiving clients (front desks)? Do employees take care of hygiene?

All of this may seem too much to you, but there are numerous risks related to working with non-sterile needles or poor hygiene conditions. Tattooing is an invasive procedure, and every piece of equipment that touches your skin must be sterilized and disinfected. That's the only way to prevent various problems, such as rashes and infections.

Look for Previous Artworks


After checking the working environment, feel free to ask for their portfolio. If several tattoo artists work there, you might get work samples for each of them, so you can see whose style and artwork suits you best. 

Ask questions about how long the tattooing will take. Professionals wouldn't mind explaining the body art process, but only if they are currently with no clients. Once you got the dedicated artist, make sure you feel comfortable before you start getting your new ink done. 

Ensure that the tattooist has been doing this work for a long time because it will make your experience that much better. You might be lucky to run into a new tattoo artist with a lot of talent. But you should rather go with tattooists with proven skills, years of experience, and many happy clients behind them.

Customer Service


Most tattoo shops have the reputation of not being able to help customers who are unhappy with their tattoos. Or, if their tattoos have become messed up, tattooists usually just refuse to fix them. So, before going in for a tattoo, you should check up on the staff working inside the shop and see how friendly and helpful they are. 

Also, make sure that the tattoo studio workers are willing to take the time to talk with you about your tattoo. If they are dedicated to prospective clients, these artists will gladly discuss your choice. They take care of your wishes, but they will suggest if anything is not doable.  

If you see that some employees have bad attitudes, don't choose that studio, regardless of their skills and outstanding portfolio. If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in a studio or the staff doesn't seem friendly, maybe you should trust your gut and go to the next studio.

Check Clientele


You can't know who is writing good or bad things about a tattoo studio just by reading online reviews. But when you step into a shop, you will probably meet or pass by some of them. It gives you a chance to check what kind of clientele the studio is working with as that can tell you a lot about them.

Body painting experts from the reputable studio for tattoo Inked Machine in Phuket, suggest you watch and listen while you're already there. For example, if the studio accepts walk-in clients who behave or act strange, are aggressive, noisy, or misbehave in any way, you have no choice but leave. Such people can jeopardize your safety, and you certainly don't expect that to happen in a tattoo studio.


When choosing a tattoo studio, you need to make sure that you made the right decision. If you chose wrong, it could cost you a lot, and you may end up regretting your decision later on. Many things should be on your mind, but your safety and comfort should be priorities. So never go tattooing before the previous research of the chosen studio.

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