Things You Need to Know Before Adding That Emerald Sparkle On Your Finger



Women dream about their wedding more often than men. The women in those dreams, even being so modern, picturise themselves in long gowns and a traditional setup.


A chief aspect of that most anticipated day in their lives is their wedding rings. Over the years, there have been many experiments with the different gemstones to sit atop the rings.


Emerald engagement rings are set a notch above all other varieties and have become a part of the trending fashion in the last couple of years.


The Origin


The use of emerald rings dates back to the Sumerians. They were staunch believers of the fact that emeralds have an anti-inflammatory effect on the eyes. They wore the emerald rings on the left ring finger.


Gifting emerald rings to loved ones fitted for left-hand fingers became a norm. It was more common for people who had swelling in or around the eyes.


Over a while, emerald engagement rings became popular around the world. The prominent among them are the vintage and victorian-style engagement rings, which are most appreciated by women.


The Meaning


In older cultures, people thought emerald gemstones represent the gods and goddesses. So they have a special significance and meaning. What is also noteworthy is their sacred religious significance. 


In this era, you give emeralds to someone dear to you as a token of your love. It is for a quest of an unrelenting commitment and compassion to form a strong bond between them. Presenting an emerald diamond ring also means wishing someone peace, luck, and longevity in the upcoming marriage.


The Accompanying Metal 


Like any other gemstone, any metal can accompany emeralds. However, jewelers believe that certain metals suit the gemstones more than others. It is because of its delicate condition, inclusion, and clarity.


Aficionados consider silver to be a weak link on a piece of emerald jewelry as it blemishes and breaks off easily. They recommend platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold as the perfect companion for emeralds.


White, yellow, and rose gold being strong can withstand prolonged usage, and also complements the brilliance and hue of the emerald. You can find out more about gold or other metal combinations that suit emeralds for jewelry at Leibish.


Platinum is one such metal that accompanies diamonds and emeralds alike. The white sheen of the metal compliments these exquisite gemstones. And when worn on fingers they are sure to grab eyeballs around.


For adequate support to your emerald, 18 karat metals are the most suited median. It does not compromise or overwhelm the stone’s appearance or strength and gives the right amount of accurate delicacy it deserves.


The Accompanying Gemstone


The engagement rings which commandeer the limelight of all the others are – the Emerald Solitaire engagement rings. A white gold or platinum band with a single classic yet simple emerald offers a beauty that tends to be veiled by complex gemstone designs.


However, the emerald rings can have an added sparkle to their classic appearance with the addition of an accent diamond. It will make any bride adore their ring life long.


Though emerald halo rings are not unheard of, they often take away the sparkle and beauty of the emerald for which they are popular. The halo rings use a diamond in the center surrounded by an emerald halo. Also, diamonds may encircle the emerald stones around. The second one allows the unique features of both the gemstones to be on display. 


The Ring Styles 


Tri-Stone Emerald and Emerald Solitaire are popular emerald engagement rings among women across the world. 


The design of such rings relies on the precision of the emerald cuts and the metalwork designs of the ring. To enhance the appearance of the rings, multiple prongs hold the emeralds in place. Three to six prongs, depending on the design, hold the emeralds. 


The demand for the vintage look is also high in the market. Many modern brides prefer to have such rings over other intricate modern designs. The halo settings help achieve the same. They provide the perfect balance of look and elegance that help achieve the desired vintage look. 


Other antique-looking rings using an emerald and a baguette stone are also popular. It works well with two diamond baguettes on the sides and an emerald in the center or a tri-emerald setting.


So when you go shopping for your engagement ring, the emerald has to make the cut. The elegance and the beauty will dazzle all your guests for sure. Precision gemstone jewelry is a treasure for a lifetime. So make that choice count!


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