Diaper Bag

Mommy wants to have a diaper bag big enough to store all her things plus all the things needed for the kids. It has to be big enough to have the diapers, the bottles, the snacks, the spare clothes, the wipes, and whatever other for the day necessity is needed. But at the same time, Mommy doesn’t want to feel like she is lugging around a piece of luggage that screams “hey, I’m a diaper bag.” A mom does not need to be reminded of that fact all the time. There’s more to her than just a mom, but also a fashion trendy hip human being as well. With that, she wants a diaper bag that will offer her class, beauty, and a subtleness to that fact that her bag that she carries around everywhere is not just a diaper bag, but also her personal cute tote.

Mom doesn’t just want any bag, she wants a bag that is built to last, where seams don’t come apart and that straps don’t get so tethered. She wants her bag to be able to handle her busy life and keep up with all the tugging and abruptness that she faces on a daily basis. I am that mom and I love the City Park Diaper Bag – Black Beauty from Thirty-One. You know who Thirty-One is, the company with the most versatile, useful products that make our lives easier, simpler, and better through storage.

I mean, can we give a hooray for the City Park Diaper bag? It’s all the functionality of a large diaper bag, but with the modern style of an urban tote. It has lots of interior and exterior pockets! Carry it as a tote, or sling it over your shoulder with the adjustable crossbody strap. It is to die for! I am in-love with my City Park Diaper bag, if that’s even a thing? It’s features include a nylon exterior with coordinating runway mini dot polyester lining. One interior thermal zipper pocket and six elastic pockets. It has five exterior flat pockets with one of them having a magnetic closure. There is an exterior hidden cell phone pocket for easy access. The handle grip is faux leather. Also, it has an adjustable crossbody strap. The bag has a zipper closure. With Thirty-One, there is always the option of monogramming and personalization to choose from. Dimensions are fifteen inches in height and sixteen inches in length with a twelve inch handle drop. I can not emphasize the fact that this bag does it all for me and more, because of it’s built, it’s functionality, and it’s absolute cuteness factor!

The Fresh Market Thermal

With summer here almost everyone I know is either attending a get together or hosting their own party. A lot of these parties are potlucks meaning bring a dish or something to share with the group. Most of us like to bring hot casserole type dishes and we just wrap the top with aluminum foil and take the tray to the party. But the dilemma with that is not realizing that it’s not enough to keep the food warm when traveling to a party. By the time we get to the event, the food is really not warm enough to be fully enjoyed. It’s such a shame.

Hot or Cold Use

What I love is Thirty-One’s Fresh Market Thermal. It is a classy and portable thermal. I really appreciate that it is large enough to hold two nine by thirteen casserole pans. It is so convenient to use for family picnics, tailgating, trips to the beach, days on the boat, potlucks, grocery shopping or weekend camping. It has a water-resistant leak lock thermal lining. That means you can add ice to this cooler bag to keep food and drinks cold. If you feel the bag is a bit too small, you can unsnap the sides and it will expand to give you more room. The handles are long enough to allow you to carry it over your shoulder when you need to be hands-free. The Fresh Market Thermal also features a zipper closure for securing contents and an exterior front pocket to hold other important items. This item has the option to be monogrammed and personalized to your liking. You can choose color and font. I chose to add my family name to it. The size is approximately fifteen inches in length and ten inches in diameter. It has been a life saver for me this summer. I especially love using it when I bring canned sodas to our pool parties. I top the bag off with lots of ice. It makes for such a great ice chest.


Stand Tall Bin

When at home you are wanting versatility, something that can be flattened and put away when not needed. That it can be stored until ready for use, and when in use can be expanded and does a very good job in holding your laundry. I like having a huge laundry bin tote for the reason when I have company spending the week with me. I want to give an option of offering a laundry basket for them to use so they have it easier to store all their dirty clothes. I also want a pretty tote that is big enough to handle the mess and strong enough to not rip when being moved about.



That is where I nominate Thirty-One’s Stand Tall Bin. You will love it, because it is the ultimate storage bin for whatever you want to store in it. Be it your towels, linens, blankets, laundry, gift wrap and more. Since it is a structured Stand Tall Bin, with two long, webbed handles and a sturdy frame, it’s easy to carry anywhere and capable of holding heavy loads. I would personally want to put one in each of my kid’s rooms as a laundry hamper or to store their toys, games, sports equipment, and even arts and crafts. But I do love that fact that I can place it in our guest room to hold extra towels, bedding, blankets, bed pillows and other useful items, or allow my guest the luxury of their own hamper while visiting with me.

The stand tall bin is made of polyester. It has two exterior side handles and a flexible frame around the top. It does come with a set of interior support rods so it can securely stand tall. Again with Thirty-One, this beautiful item has the option to be monogrammed and personalized. The size is approximately twenty-two inches in height and twelve inches in length, which means it has plenty of space.

Close to Home Caddy

Thirty-One carries so many cute items. They even carry household items for particular uses like office or kitchen. I love wooden boxes to store my things as it gives a more rustic and modern feel to my home atmosphere. Especially when I host parties at my home, I want a neat presentation. No tin can or plastic jars hold justice compared to the Close to Home Caddy – Natural Wood. If you love class, elegance, and durability, this caddy should be one of your top choices as it is one of my favorites from the Summer Guide Essentials. What I love is that this wooden caddy features iron handles for carrying and 3 distinct compartments for storing items individually. It makes a great display as well as storage solution for silverware, utensils, office supplies or many other household items. I love using it for the cutlery separating the spoons, knives, and forks into their own compartments. It’s so easy to travel with this caddy if I wanted to make a picnic at the park. The craftsmanship is of high quality standards. The dimensions are approximately four inches in height and ten inches in length. I really love the monogrammed letters that can be etched on the side.  Due to its unique natural materials, no two are exactly alike in color or grain. This caddy is absolutely beautiful!


I am so pleased with Thirty-One. For fifteen years, they maintained making products that make life a bit easier but with a touch of class. All my products from Thirty-One, be it the diaper bag, the portable thermal, the stand tall bin, or the caddy I can say with absolute certainty that there is nothing that Thirty-One offers that I don’t love.

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