A Belt For Men And Women - Don't Forget Father's Day Is Coming!

Looking For A Gift For Dad On Father's Day?

Father's Day is a day to honor the “big guy” but he isn't so easy to buy for.  As a matter of fact, my ex-hubby has always been hard to buy for.  Even after being married 20 years and knowing this man, I could never “wow” him with gifts.  I actually think it's because men and women are completely different when it comes to gifts and what makes us happy.  Men are simple.  I don't mean that as an insult at all!  If they need something that's what they ask for.  Well, if your loved one needs a good belt, let me introduce you to the Jelt Belt.  I received the JeltX Adjustable Elastic Belt and I certainly love it.  This one can be used for men and women so I might just have to “steal” this once in a while.

A Belt For Men And Women - Don't Forget Father's Day Is Coming!

The Jelt Belt Is Different

This cool belt has an easy-to-open magnetic buckle that holds tightly.  It also has inner gel grips that hug your pants so no more worrying about slippage and buckle bulge.  You won't have to think about sizing at all because one size fits everyone up to 50″.  One of my favorite things about this belt is you can wear it with or without belt loops and it's waterproof!  Not only is it made in the USA but it's also made of recycled products.  Oh, and as if that's not enough, a portion of your purchase goes to help veterans, kids, and the environment.  How cool is that?  So you can do something great while getting a wonderful, quality product.

Jelt Has Belts For Everyone

So we've covered Dad and Mom, but what about the kids?  Yes, Jelt has belts for them too.  These belts are made to last and look great!  Kids will be proud to wear and show them off to friends.

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A Belt For Men And Women - Don't Forget Father's Day Is Coming!

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