This Is A Pet Masterpiece

Give Your Animal Lover A Smile With This Pet Masterpiece

Pet lovers are like another “breed”, am I right?  They'll do anything for their furry sweethearts and vise versa.  I mean, what's your favorite time of the day as a pet owner?  Of course, it's when you walk through the door and they jump for joy.  That has to make you smile!  So, let's give your favorite pet lover one of the best gifts ever!  Crown & Paw has amazing pictures, well, it's a masterpiece to be exact.  Anyone that has a fur-baby will freak out over their portraits.

This Is A Pet Masterpiece

They sent me a sweet picture of my dog, Cassie.  Let me first say, the picture that I took and sent them wasn't exactly great.  My dog will not sit still when it comes to taking her picture.  I don't know what happened to her before we adopted her, but she is scared.  I didn't want to put her through more, so I gave them what I had.  I still love the picture though.  I received the Griffinpaw – Custom Pet Canvas and it's so darn cute.

This Is A Pet Masterpiece

Choose Your Masterpiece

Crown & Paw has a ton of choices for your masterpiece!  You not only get to choose the size of your canvas, but you also get your choice of outfit they'll “wear” in the picture.  Are you wondering what kind of clothing an animal would wear?  Well, let me enlighten you!  There are all kinds of royal-type clothes, military, astronaut, ballerina, and even movie-type outfits!  Those happen to be my favorite, but that doesn't even come close to all they have to offer.  The canvas sizes are 8×10″, 12×18″, and 16×24″.  Can you imagine giving someone the huge 16×24″ canvas?  The prices are amazing, especially considering the quality of the prints.  The portraits actually look hand-painted!

This Is A Pet Masterpiece

Show Off Their Personality

Their photos will capture your pet's personality and you'll be so excited to show them off.  They make it so easy too.  You simply pick the style and size, upload your pet photo, place the order, and their artists will do the rest.  Pretty darn easy, right?  Instead of giving a boring pet toy as a gift, give them something they can have for a lifetime.  These beautiful portraits will not fade and they're made to last!  Crown & Paw not only do great work, but they also offer guarantees with their work.  Go ahead, try and find a better gift…I'll wait.

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