We all have mature gentlemen in our lives, whether they are fathers, uncles, grandfathers or friends. They can be tricky to buy for as it seems they have everything. But there are a few gifts that are always well-received.


Shaving Gifts


Most men shave. Even if they have a beard, they keep it neat and tidy with grooming products. Find something that works for them. Electric shavers make great gifts and they needn’t be expensive. There are many cheaper options under $100 that provide a good, clean shave.


In addition to shavers, consider products such as aftershave or cooling balm. Or a toiletry bag to keep everything together in one place.




Food is always a good go-to gift if you’re a little stuck. Food hampers make great gifts as they provide variety. They can also be tailored to specific tastes. You can opt for savoury or sweet hampers. Or, maybe the recipient likes cheese or wine? Find something that will appeal to them.




Give Him the Moon


For the curious man who never stops learning, a telescope will open up a whole new world. There are a several smaller models designed for amateurs. Books on star gazing and getting started will be useful. During the day, the telescope could be used for nature and bird watching. If he means a lot to you, give him the moon.


Experience Day


If he really does have everything, then forget about buying ‘things’. Instead, opt for an experience. Even better, join him on that experience. There is no better gift than your time. There are so many experiences to choose from. Work out what he likes doing or if there is something he has always wanted to do. This could be something sporty like driving a racing car. Or, it could be something more relaxing like a hot air balloon ride or a trip on a steam train. It could be as simple as taking him out for a meal.


This type of gift is not something you can keep. However, the memories will last him a lifetime.






Does he like taking photographs? If he’s always snapping away with his phone, then consider buying him a camera. If he already has a camera then what about a camcorder? If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, then look for camera phone accessories.


Throw Him a Surprise Party


Hire a venue, choose a theme and throw him a surprise party. Gather together all his friends and family and surprise him with a get-together. Find out what food he likes and his favourite music. Display photos of his life or even footage, if you have it. Create some new memories and take lots of photographs.
Finding a gift that is thoughtful and unexpected can be a challenge. Especially if it’s for someone you care for. Start by thinking about what they like. Then, think about gift ideas. Don’t go for the obvious. Be creative. Whatever you buy, it’s the thought that has gone into it that counts. This is what will be remembered.

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