What is the best way you relax, I personally love to have a drink once in a while? Nothing better than a drink in one hand, and the pool under you.  Leaf Vodka is just the thing for that, but why because they are crafted using the worlds finest waters. That impart unique flavor qualities to create vodkas that are quite literally unlike any other. LEAF Vodka. Better water. Better vodka. Taste the difference.


These have two different tastes to them, one has a savory taste and the other has a sweeter taste.  Both can be used to add to a drink. or just to take a shot when needed. History’s greatest recipes share one essential ingredient—one with the power to transform what it touches into something truly special.  When making this the use only organic wheat , five times distilled and then marries it to two different pristine waters.  One from Alaska and the other from the Rocky Mountains.

Each location imparts a unique spirit to the water, a taste of the place from which it came.

There’s something in the water of an Alaskan glacier that gives our vodka a pure, smooth taste.

There’s something in the water high in the Rocky Mountains that gives our vodka an unusual richness and complexity.

There’s something that makes our vodkas stand apart. That difference is the water.



Khortytsa Vodka


The main feature of this vodka is its unsurpassed softness, which has been achieved thanks to an optimal balance of all ingredients. This vodka is created for those who appreciate the delicate flavour. It is perfect for making cocktails.  Khortytsa vodkas are made from a grain-base using the traditional recipes and modern distilling technologies prevalent in the Urkaine

Khortytsa is the largest vodka brand in Eastern Europe and third vodka in the world in terms of sales.

Khortytsa delivers an authentic vodka experience from a culture with centuries of experience.

We named our brand after Khortytsa island to emphasize its relation to Ukrainian national identity, combining historical traditions with an innovative approach to brand development.



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