Three Sisters Apothecary

My hair is starting to look so flat and weighed down. I use a daily regimen of shampoo and conditioner, but after my hair dries there is really no life left to it. I heard that when that happens, it is time to mix things up. By mix things up, is to start using a new and different type of shampoo and conditioner regimen. I recommend trying something natural and healthy for your hair. The Three Sisters Apothecary bath and skincare gift set is ideal.

Four Piece Set

Why I love this set. The Three Sisters Apothecary bath set uses old times crafting of making gentle soaps, skin, and haircare. The products are handcrafted in small batches with natural botanicals, pure essential oils, gourmet plant oils and butters.

Shampoo Bars

The set comes with two shampoo bars. They have Panthenol and silk proteins. It creates a volumizing effect for fine hair, like mines. The bigger bar at 4.75 ounces is great for in home use, while the smaller bar 1.75 ounces is great for traveling. I love how great these shampoo bars clean my hair. I saturate my hair with warm water and then I build a lather in my hand to spread into my hair. The scent of rosemary orange is very relaxing and heavenly. The other scent options are lavender and tea tree as well as mandarin blossom and calendula.

Conditioner Bar

There is also a conditioner bar in the set. It is 4.75 ounces in size. I love the deep conditioning it provides, because it makes my hair easy to comb through after showering. The fun thing with the conditioner bar is that it can be used as a treatment for dry hair as well. I just rub off a piece in between my fingers and apply it to the tips of my hair.

The final item in the set is the Hair Oil. I like using it as a hot oil treatment. First warm it in a dish of warm water and let it sit in your hair for twenty minutes. The softness in my hair feels renewed. It can also be used as a conditioner or a leave-in styling aid. The purpose of the oil is to provide UV protection and promote elasticity in the hair.

This set makes such a fun Valentine gift for everyone, women and men alike.

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