Hook and loop fasteners have been a household fastening solution for decades. Known commonly by the brand name Velcro, hook and loop fasteners are an incredibly versatile solution for many problems.


As a result, these solutions have found applications in a plethora of industries including, but not limited to, apparel, packaged goods, and personal care. However, one application of hook and loop fasteners that is often overlooked is interior design. There are so many great Louvre panels, that choosing one should be simple enough 


Besides offering a great fastening solution, hook and loop fasteners can be used for purposes like hanging frames without the use of nails.


With that said, hook and loop fasteners have many other practical applications around the house. Here are a few examples:


Decorate Walls Without Causing Damage


Those living in rental properties are often prohibited from hanging anything on the walls as the landlord does not want their walls getting damaged. 


It's a fair expectation but living in a space where there is virtually no scope for personalisation is difficult. 


This challenge can be effectively overcome with the help of a pair of hook and loop fasteners. Simply put them on the back of the painting/poster you want to hang and put it on the wall!


With that said, make sure you choose the right variety of hook and loop fasteners that are designed to support the weight of the object you are hanging on your wall. It is also important to make sure you choose the right kind of objects to hang on your wall. If the object can potentially damage the wall, even in the case of an unlikely fall, it is advisable to choose a different object.


Create A Beautiful Patio


Almost all of us have seen the pretty photos of cozy patio designs on the web. Filled with rugs and cushions, these spaces can add some great aesthetic value to your home.


So why doesn’t everyone have a patio filled with beautiful furniture, plants, and colourful cushions? 


The simple answer is, it's not practical. 


Even a small gush of wind can blow away your cushions and plants, and can even topple the furniture. This is another problem that can be solved with industrial grade hook and loop fasteners by MPD Hook & Loop.  


Simply install these under the cushions and your furniture and you don’t have to worry about them blowing away with the wind. 


While your cushions may not be weatherproof, industrial grade hook and loop fasteners are. So even if it rains or snows, you can rest assured that your patio furniture and plants will hold their ground.


Secure Your Rugs


Rugs are becoming an increasingly popular element of home interiors. With the right rug, a designer has the power to completely transform the aesthetics of a space.


However, one of the biggest challenges with using rugs is that they slide. This is a truly serious problem in spaces that see a lot of footfall.


One common solution for this challenge is placing heavy objects, like furniture, on the rug. However, besides undermining the aesthetic value of your rug, doing this can also potentially be dangerous for your furniture.


One strong tug on the rug and your furniture can potentially fall and break. 


On the contrary, if you slap an industrial grade hook and loop fastener under your rug, you can be sure that it will not be displaced. 


This way, you can protect your furniture while enjoying the creative freedom to place a rug in any of the rooms in your home.




Hook and loop fasteners are perhaps one of the most versatile fastening solutions available in the market. In what innovative ways have you used hook and loop fasteners? Share with us in the comment section below.


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