Winter is finally over and we can begin to look forward to warmer days and more time spent outdoors. If your kids have birthdays that fall in spring or summer, it’s a great excuse to have an outdoor party. Perfect for kids, and grown-ups to enjoy. Here are some top tips for executing and outdoor party…


Prepping Your Party Area


What’s great about outdoor parties is that they can take place in your own backyard, or local park. Whichever you choose, it’s a cheaper alternative to having to hire a hall or play space for the day. It also means the kids can run around without fear of breaking anything or making a mess.


Before the birthday boy or girls guests arrive, there’s some prep to do. First of all clear out the garden if there’s any mess there. Leave toys and any apparatus, this is bound to be used by some excitable kids later! If you’re hosting your party in a park, make sure you clearly scope out the boundaries for play.


Set out a table in your backyard that can be used for food and open the doors that lead out onto your garden. If you have folding doors or windows, like WinDor folding windows, open these. It’ll create a nice atmosphere and ease of access from the kitchen to outside. If you have party bags, get these ready the night before and leave them by the door. You’ll be able to hand them out easily when guests leave.


On your invites let guests know what to expect. It’s a garden party so dress code should be casual and laid-back. Think flip-flops and shorts. Also, include details of the food that will be available on the invite.



Dining Party Food Tasty Delicious Snacks


There are two ways you can go with the food for an outdoors party. If you have a grill or barbecue outside, making burgers and hotdogs is a fun idea. Make sure someone man’s the bbq and slice some buns ready for your guests.


Alternatively, but sticking with the serve-yourself-style, lay out buffet food. This is great for a kids party because if there are any fussy eaters they're sure to find something the like. Cook a couple of pizzas and quiches, these will go down well with parents and kids. Then put together some salads, coleslaw, chicken pieces, anything you fancy. Have enough food that you don’t have to keep getting up to prepare more.




You want to keep the party outside and avoid a split of guests, half inside, half out. So make sure there’s another space to relax. Use some dining rooms chairs or stools that you have, and bring them outside. Alternatively throw some blankets on the floor to get into the picnic feel!


If it does start to rain don’t panic, just have a backup plan. Make it a games day instead. Have some fun games to hand and bring the food inside. There are loads of things you can play depending on the age of your kids. Pass the parcel, pinata, etc. If it doesn’t rain these games won’t go to waste, just take them outside!


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