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“Thumb-thing” Your Thumbs Will Appreciate!

Have you ever been out in the cold weather with your gloves on and then your cell phone rings? You then proceed to take your cell phone out of your pocket and try to press the screen (with your gloves on) to answer the phone call. But, you have no such luck—your gloved finger is unable to successfully answer the call. You have no choice but to take off your glove so that you can effectively use your cell phone. And, hopefully, the caller hasn’t hung up by now. To me, that can be frustrating, especially because I prefer to keep my gloves on when it’s freezing outside. And, who wants to fumble with their gloves while holding a phone? Well, there’s a solution to help so you can keep warm and use your phone simultaneously! It’s called ThumbDogs.


ThumbDogs are oval fabric pieces that you attach to your glove fingers. They facilitate your ability to use a touch screen while you are wearing gloves. According to the ThumbDogs website, “Our medical-grade fabric produces the proper capacitive sensing so you can connect reliably with your touchscreen device . . . (and) our adhesive-backed fabric is durable and weather-worthy so you can always stay in touch.”

And, you can use ThumbDogs with more than just cell phones. According to the product’s website, their product can be used with any device that has a touch screen, including e-readers, ATMs, cameras, tablets, and more.

My Experience With The Product

I love having ThumbDogs for my gloves. In the evening, when it usually gets colder, I walk my dog and usually wear gloves when doing so. I also like to listen to my podcasts when I walk the dog (it motivates me to walk longer), so having ThumbDogs on my gloves makes it a lot easier to utilize my cell phone for podcast listening.

When I tested these out, I did learn some things. For one, pay attention to what part of your finger you use the most for touching the screen. Then you can more accurately place the ThumbDogs where they are most helpful to you. Also, make sure you firmly apply the ThumbDogs and maybe let it sit a bit before using. I also think the product works better on less fuzzy gloves. I really like the fact that I can put them on my favorite gloves (versus buying specialized gloves meant for touch screen use).

ThumbDogs For Christmas

ThumbDogs would make a functional and affordable Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Each package comes with 4 ThumbDogs and a package currently retails for $12.99 (price subject to change). You can go here to purchase yours.

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