You can never have enough glassware.  Some are used just for those special occasions, some you use for juice, some for coffee, and some for wine.  The only problem is, they are all pretty much the same. They serve their purpose and you probably have a whole cabinet full of the same type of glasses in different sizes.

I want to talk about wine glasses for a minute.  I stay away from stems because in my experience (or maybe it is just the people I  associate with) they always end up getting knocked over.  They are higher up so every time you reach for something or even the glass itself, it has a chance of getting hit.  Then again, any glass no matter what liquid is in it seems to get knocked over stem or not, but the wine ones are the most affected.   I usually go with the stemless glasses that just sit right on the table to try to prevent the spills, but now I found something that is even better.

Dragon Tilted Diamond Tumblers. These things are so unique.  Not only do they make a great conversation piece but they are fun to see someone with when they first get a look. When I first took it out of the box I was thinking how the heck is this going to stand?  Then I figured it out in like 2 seconds and had to rush to try it.  Not only me, but my daughter was instantly enthralled with the glass and begged to be able to drink from it (nothing alcoholic of course!).

The glass is pretty much spill-proof. This is great with not only my butterfingers but with people reaching and especially those repeat offenders who always seem to knock their glass over.  The diamond  design also acts as a self-aerator which saves me a step besides when pouring the wine (or Scotch or Brandy on those cold nights when I need a nightcap!). They are also thick so not flimsy at all and are dishwasher and  microwave safe.  The only problem is only 2 come in a box and I can guarantee as soon as somebody sees it they are going to want to drink from it!  It is also a great gift for anyone that you have no idea what gift to get them.  Unique and most likely something that they do not have, and everyone can  use more glassware but maybe not the same old boring run of the mill types they already have!

You can read about the Tilted Diamond Tumblers here or check out Dragon Glassware's Facebook page.

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