Mothers day 2018, Wines and Spirits

Time for Cocktails

Talk about a blast from the past –  being from an Italian family, one memory I have is that of a big bottle of liqueur that my grandparents had that actually was such a big bottle they kept it on the floor-  it was tall too.  I will never forget I was such in awe of it, it was something  that I had never seen before and I just could not wait until I was old enough to enjoy cocktails myself.

As I grew older, I kind of forgot about it until I saw the Galliano bottle.   Then it all came rushing back to me. It was not in the huge bottle anymore that was so big and tall with its thin neck that you needed to keep it on the floor, but nevertheless the Italian liqueur I had remembered from my grandparents house was right there in front of me.  Now they have different variations of it, and thankfully I don’t have to pronounce them but a few of them are L’Autentico, L’Apertivo, and Ristretto.

They even have recipes for you to try although you can definitely drink them straight too as each has a unique different flavor, but once in a while I know I like to mix.  My favorite thus far is using the L’Autentico variety and topping it with root beer.  They call it “Italian Root Beer” and I am sold.  Of course there are plenty of other recipes for the other varieties too, and you can even follow them on Instagram and Facebook. I always have these on hand because no matter what you are in the mood for or what flavor profile, or what kind of cocktails you enjoy, you will find it with Galliano.

Another liqueur that I enjoy is Bols.  They have different flavors including ginger, orange curacao, mango, coffee, blue curacao, melon, hot cinnamon, root beer, cinnamon, yogurt (yes and mix it with fresh fruit and wow!), sour apple, and so many others.  You can find information on any flavor you wish and even get recipes if you do not want to drink it straight, which of course you could do.  Talk about a range of cocktails! This company has been around for over 400 years so you know you are getting quality spirits here.  I could go on and on listing all the variations, but I really want to talk more about one in particular.

Pineapple chipotle.  You had me at chipotle.  I love chipotle.  I never had it in a drink flavor before but with my love for it, this was something I just had to try.  Wow.  Nice peppery flavor and different than normal, not sicky sweet and really just so good.  You can mix this with your lemon/lime soda, ginger ale, or a cocktail I would have never imagined is what they call Chipotle Cheesecake, which is the pineapple chipotle, the Bols Yoghurt, and lemon juice.  Seriously delicious.  No matter what your favorite flavor is, you will definitely find it here because they have flavors I never even knew existed or that I needed (case in point the pineapple chipotle!).

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