It might seem like only yesterday that your little darling entered the world, but could it be time to turn their nursery into a bedroom? If your little one is no longer a baby but a lively toddler who is constantly attempting to climb out of their cot, this is a sign that they’re ready for a bed. Of course, you could just swap their cot for a bed and be done with it, but it’s nice to update their room to make it more of a toddler-friendly space.

To help you transform your little one’s nursery into a bedroom, below are some tips, suggestions, and ideas. Take note of these, and you can create a practical and fun space that will grow with your child.



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Pick a colour scheme

To give the room a fresh look, one of the easiest things to do is to redecorate it. This can be with the use of paint or wallpaper – depending on what you prefer to use. Either way, you need to pick a suitable colour scheme. Think about the colours that your child likes and use them to decorate their room. Although bright colours are popular with kids, pastel hues are a good option as they create a space with a calmer vibe.

Be selective about their bed and bedding

When it comes to choosing a bed for your child’s room, it’s important to be selective. While it’s tempting to buy a toddler bed – a small single bed, if you want the room to grow with your child, it’s best to opt for a full-size single bed. Just make sure to buy a bed guard to go with it, to ensure that they don’t end up falling out during the night. (Most toddler beds have built in guards, whereas full-size single beds don’t.) As for the bedding, opt for quality sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover – ideally 100 percent cotton ones. For the duvet itself and pillows, research the best options. From feather pillows to box pillows, and hypoallergenic duvets to down duvets, there are various options to choose from. Do you research and select the most suitable options for your child.

Pick furniture that will last

For the furniture, don’t make the mistake of buying plastic pieces. Instead, opt for a wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers. As by choosing wood, you know that the furniture will stand the test of time and last for years. To keep the wardrobe organised, invest in some wardrobe organisers. If you overfill a wardrobe, you can damage it. So make sure to pick a wardrobe that’s big enough to hold all of your child’s clothes and other items.

Personalise the space and make it fun

It’s important that your child likes their bedroom, as otherwise, they may not want to sleep in there at night. To make their bedroom a place that they love, personalise it and make it fun. Instead of decorating with ornaments, arrange their toys and books on any shelving. Add a lampshade that is pretty and eye-catching, and hang bunting and fairy lights around the room. For wall art, pick pieces that are cute and quirky – animals, maps or numbers are all ideal for a child’s room.

So there you have it, how to transform your little one’s nursery into a beautiful bedroom that they will love.

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