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Summer season is the time to get out of the house and go for long drives. As far as fueling up your car is concerned, you need to make a smart choice, especially for the summer months. Vehicles need fuel refills and correct upkeep to beat that summer heat. Here are a few tips with which you can enhance your car’s performance and keep it in best working condition during summertime: 

  • Check your car’s cooling system: Inspect the cooling system of your car so that its engine does not overheat quickly during summer. If your car is low on coolant, refill it with a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water. If the anti-freeze in your car is weak or dirty, take your car to a car repair shop and get the cooling system flushed. Also get your thermostat and cooling fan tested, and make certain that they are working properly, and get them replace or repaired if required.
  • Choose quality fuel for your car: At the gas fuel pump, make sure that you are refueling your vehicle with quality fuel only. Such a fuel will cut away any deposits from the car’s intake valves, and clean it up with time and usage. A clean engine can facilitate improved performance, smoother acceleration and less wavering. In addition, a good quality fuel can also increase gas mileage of your car, thus making your summer trip more cost-effective.
  • Refill the fluids: You cannot rely on your auto dehydrate system to ensure that all fluids have been replenished properly. Check your transmission, brakes, power-steering fluids and washers, and get them replaced or repaired as required. You can seek professional assistance from a nearby car repair shop.
  • Test the AC system of your car: The temperature of air coming from the AC ducts of your car should be between 35 and 45? F only. If it is more or less, you should get it inspected by a qualified AC repair professional. You may also take your car to a car repair shop, where the technicians will check it for any leaks, and repair them if needed.
  • Change the oils: At the beginning of the summer season, change your motor oils and replace them with premium ones for highest protection level of your engine. This is very important, as extra lubrication becomes a necessity during hot climatic conditions.


This article  was written for East Hills Chevolet, you can read the full review here