Many years ago, before video games took over the gaming world, people had board games to pass the time and have fun. Some of them are still enjoyed by millions of people worldwide to this day and they may never get old or forgotten. Murder Mystery games are just a few that are so many hours of fun, who doesnt like trying to solve the who did and how. 


So, let's dive in and take a closer look at some of these timeless board games.


One of the classics that every household had many years ago. This game was great for both kids and adults. It's a naval-themed board game where two players compete to see which one can sink the other player's ships first. Usually, each player gets 3 or 4 ships in different sizes. The game has a ten by ten grid where you can position all your ships. You position your ships strategically, so the other player doesn't find them so easily. Each player gets a turn to guess where the ships are, but you don't take them out in one hit. Each part of the ship had to go to be fully destroyed. The last person to have at least a part of their ship intact wins.


This is probably one of the best word games ever created. No matter how many years have passed, it's still very common and fun to play to this day. It's an addictive crossword-like puzzle where each player gets different letter tiles that they use to make up words. The words you make out must be attached to the existing words on the board though, which makes it a little bit challenging. Sometimes people get stuck or can't find a logical word, in these situations, you can check this useful website to help you come up with words and keep the game going with the word helper tool. You can show everyone just how good you are and how dominant you can be. It's great for children too, because they can learn new words and improve their vocabulary. Remember to have a notebook to keep score for every round.




Another popular classic board game that has evolved into video game versions over the years, but still, nothing beats the classic version. It's a real estate-based game where each player picks a piece and they roll the dice to see where they land on the board. You can earn money, buy properties, build houses and hotels, and so much more. Every round when you reach and pass the “Go” part you would get 200 of the game's dollars. But if you land on the prison box, well then, you're unlucky because that means you skip around and you don't pass “Go” or collect the 200 monopoly dollars. But overall, it's such an engaging and fun game and possibly 4 to 6 people can play it at once.


Everyone knows chess and it's a great game that a lot of people still play today. This game is known to be a royal game because of its popularity, many years ago with different monarchies. It's a game that builds character and improves your cognitive skills. Also, you'd be a better strategic planner because this game is all about strategy and calculating every possible move. You have two sides, white and black corresponding pieces, and the goal is to take out your opponent's queen. Each piece moves in a specific direction and way. But once you master chess, it will be such an engaging game that could take a long time to finish. 


Another old but gold board game. If you're into solving riddles and mysteries, then this is the perfect game for you. You have a set of characters who are suspects in a murder case and it's your job to find out who did it. The board is a mansion and you move around meeting the six suspects. The objective is to collect clues and signs to try and figure out who murdered the victim, which weapon was used, and which room did the victim die in. This game is extremely engaging and fun and over the years a lot of other games, shows, and movies were created based on the idea behind Clue.


It's always fun when you play games with your friends or family members, coming together to relax and enjoy a couple of rounds of fun game play. Board games might be a little outdated nowadays, but they still hold the fun factor. You can still enjoy countless hours playing these games and you would love every second of it. It's never too late to dust your old board game boxes and set it up on your next gathering with your loved ones.


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