We are always on the go here, sometimes cooking dinner late, and looking for something that is good as well as healthy, can become hard, Everyone in this house has so many different tastes, Expresco ProSticks! is the eat on the go kind of food, they are skewers and come in three different flavors.


Since 1987, Expresco Foods has been committed to creating top quality, artisanal and convenient grilled protein meal and snack solutions. Expresco’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has guided the development of fully cooked grilled protein products, frozen and fresh for foodservice, retail and deli across North America.


ProSticks, the latest creation from Expresco Foods, is the ultimate on the go snack featuring:

– 23 grams of protein per serving
– Fully cooked. Ready to eat
– Real grill marks
– Natural. No preservatives
– Minimally processed
– Whole-Muscle Chicken
– Ideal as a cold snack
– can also be reheated


Three different flavors of chicken, are so perfect and everyone here loved them.  ProSticks, might just be a protein-lovers optimal snack for home or on the go. Packed with 23 grams of protein, the refrigerated skewers of chicken are handmade and grilled to perfection. Available in a portable 3.5-ounce packet, Expresco's street food-inspired skewers come in three flavors: Mediterranean, Sweet Sriracha, and Chipotle.

Just the snack to tie us, all over till dinner is made, the taste is also great.  Making sure we all get the right amount of protein is key, with so many ways to do so, this is the easiest and best and tastes so good  When we are on the go this is the easiest, way to eat and have that much-needed protein.

This is the cool way, to make sure your kids have that protein they need, we love this and my favorite has to be the Mediterranean one.   Expresco ProSticks! is the way to go on the go.




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