Tips and Tricks for Wearing Athleisure

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Athleisure

If you’re an athlete, fitness-focused, or simply love the feeling of being comfortable, you know there is something magical about workout clothes. They provide a full range of mobility, comfort, and can potentially be very flattering. Fortunately, you aren’t the only one who feels that way. More and more people have decided to bring the style of workout clothes into their daily wardrobe through a trend called athleisurewear.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure combines the pieces you would wear with athletic clothes with those you would wear for leisure. The result is a fun, casual look that is comfortable, versatile, and perfect for a jog. You don’t have to know anything about fashion to pull the look off. With our tips and tricks for wearing athleisure, you’ll nail this look in no time.

Clothing Essentials for Athleisure


Tracksuits have become a staple of streetwear fashion, donned by skaters, break-dancers, celebrities, and everyone in between. But if you look back, tracksuits were originally built for the track and the athletes who ran it. That’s why tracksuits are one of the primary clothing essentials for athleisurewear. There are a variety of ways to wear tracksuits. You can either wear a full matching set or a pair of joggers with a hoodie, pullover, or bomber jacket. Typically, athleisure emphasizes muted colors, but don’t be afraid of adding bright, bold colors to your look. When choosing your tracksuit you will want high quality tracksuits, this way you know it will last for a longer time.


Like we said, athleisure emphasizes freedom of mobility, and if there is one item of clothing that takes full advantage of that idea, it’s leggings. However, since there has been a lot of debate about whether wearing leggings as pants is allowed, here are a few tricks for wearing athleisure leggings in a way no one can disagree with.

  • Pair them with a long shirt or sweater.
  • Wear a jacket tied around your waist.
  • If you’re wearing them with boots or high tops, tuck them into your shoes
  • Blend athleisure and professionalism—wear them under a blazer and button-down.
  • Wear them under a skirt or dress.


No workout look is complete without a pair of running shoes. But “throwing on a pair of sneakers” has a way of sounding like you’ve given up and are throwing a pair of worn-out house shoes on your feet. Sneakers can be just as stylish as the other shoes in your closet, especially when paired with a trendy athleisure outfit. You can wear a pair of all-white canvas sneakers, bold basketball shoes, or neutral converses.

How To Accessorize With Athleisure

Since there is an emphasis on a casual aesthetic, it may be surprising that accessorizing is recommended with an athleisure look. But there are plenty of accessories that are right at home with the “sporty-chic” vibe of athleisure, such as snapbacks, Fit Bits, sunglasses, or backpacks. Breaking away from the athletic look to add jewelry can add an eye-catching, unexpected pop of color. These don’t have to be over the top. Just a wristwatch or a pair of hoop earrings is plenty to drive this look home.

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