Some people spend years dreaming about their wedding day. For many brides, the wedding dress is often at the forefront of these fantasies. While the wedding dress may be considered the main event, there are many other elements that go into crafting the perfect bridal ensemble. The right accessories can transform an off-the-rack dress into something very personal and unique. However, it can be quite easy to go over the top with your accessories. These tips for accessorizing your wedding dress will help you create a tasteful and beautiful bridal ensemble for your big day.

Less is more

One of the most important tips for accessorizing your wedding dress is to remember that less is often more. It can sometimes be hard to exercise restraint when faced with lavish jewelry, stunning veils, and all the other bridal bells and whistles. However, try to limit yourself to just a few accessory items. Too many items can overwhelm the entire ensemble and you’ll look more like a disco ball than a bride as you walk down the aisle. Try to adhere to the Coco Chanel method and take off one accessory item before beginning your big day. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should banish bling from your bridal ensemble entirely, just that you should do so in a balanced and measured way. If you’re a bride who loves bling, be sure to choose jewelry and accessory items that complement each other well. For instance, if you’ve opted for a larger statement necklace, try to keep earrings and bracelets on the slightly smaller side. Remember, you should be the star on your wedding day, not your jewelry.

Step out in style

For a more subtle way to personalize your wedding ensemble, consider using your shoes as accessories instead. Though your shoes will be hidden by your gown for the majority of the evening, they will be on full display as you walk down the aisle or step out for your first dance. As such, choosing embellished or colored shoes can be a great way to accessorize your entire ensemble. When shopping for wedding shoes that make a statement, be sure to consider how they will complement your wedding gown. Try to match fabric and embellishments as closely as possible to create a more cohesive feel throughout the entire outfit. You can even use your shoes as your “something blue” and hide a beautiful pop of color beneath your gown.

Top it off tastefully

Veils have been the most iconic accessory of brides for many years, and with good reason. They add a touch of class and grace to the entire ensemble and make it seem like the bride is truly floating down the aisle. Veils can come in many different styles and lengths, and choosing the best option for your outfit is not always an easy task. Start by determining the length of the veil. Consider how it will complement the style and lines of your dress and be aware that it may cover up some of the detailing on the back of your gown. If your veil is lace or will include some embellishments, try to match it to the materials of the blush flower girl dresses as closely as possible.

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