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Traveling on an airplane with a baby is really a challenging task. The situation becomes more complicated if the baby is under two years. You have various things in mind regarding the baby's comfort and safety. You want to see your baby happy during the entire journey. We have written these tips to ensure the safe and comfortable travel of a baby. If you have a newborn, these tips may help them sleep peacefully. If you plan airplane travel with your baby, you should read these tips.

Book a good airline seat

If your baby is under two weeks, confirm your baby's travel from different airlines. Some airplanes don't allow infants under two weeks to travel in the plane, while some charge high additional fees for strollers or car seats. That's why make sure to book your seats in a plane that allows babies under two weeks to travel in their plane with a little additional fee for strollers.

Pack the following stuff

You always need to carry a bag full of required baby stuff while traveling with your little one. However, when traveling on an airplane, make sure to carry the extra stuff to get ready for an unexpected flight delay or a layover. Ensure to carry the following stuff; they are not too heavy, so you don't have to worry about the weight limit.

  • Baby Blanket
  • Diapers along with diaper changing pads
  • Wet Wipes
  • Bib
  • Pacifier
  • Baby formula
  • Baby foods and snacks if the baby is older than six months
  • Silent toys

Arrive early at the airport

It's really important to arrive early at the airport. It can help you settle things with ease instead of doing something wrong in the rush. Make sure you have made a checklist of all the necessary preparation. Arrive 90 to 120 minutes early than your flight.

Change the diaper just before entering the plane so your baby stays dry in the plane.

It's better to avoid breastfeeding your baby just before entering the plane, as babies usually fall asleep after having milk. In this case, when you'll do movements in the plane settling your luggage, your baby may wake up and start crying. The best trick is to feed your baby once you settle down on your seat, so they fall asleep after that, and you'll have a peaceful flight for a few hours.

While checking in, tell the attendants that you have your baby along with you. If you are taking a stroller or a car seat as well, inform attendants about this as well.

During the flight

Once you are on the plane, you have to keep in mind a few tips to have a safe and comfortable journey. Otherwise, your baby can get frustrated and create a messy environment. You may feel embarrassed and may have to apologize to fellow passengers. However, following these tips may help your baby stay calm and happy throughout the journey.

  • When the plane takes off or is about to land, it is possible that your baby may start to scream due to changes in the air pressure in the cabin. Swallowing is the best way to counter such situation. You should either feed your baby or put the pacifier in their mouth while the plane takes off or lands.
  • You have to keep your baby hydrated during the flight because babies tend to dehydrate more as compared to adults in such conditions.
  • While feeding bottled milk, you can ask the hostess to make milk warm. She'll be happy to do this for you. However, check the milk's temperature with your fingertip first to ensure the milk is not much hot.
  • Changing a diaper during a flight is a bit difficult compared to a normal routine. Some airplanes provide changing tables where you can change your baby's diaper. However, if the baby is bigger, then it can be difficult to change a diaper there. In such a condition, you can ask the hostess; she may provide you with a space on the floor near the bulkhead.
  • Babies have a high chance of getting affected by germs or bacteria. That's why if you see any person coughing or sneezing, better to maintain a distance from him. Always keep a waterless hand sanitizer with you. It will help you clean your hands all the time.
  • Whenever the plane lands on the ground, don't rush towards the exit door. That's how you can hurt your baby in a crowded slow lane. It's better to wait for some time and exit the plane in the end.


Traveling via airplane with your baby is a bit challenging task compared to traveling without babies. People hesitate more if they are traveling first time with their babies. We have tried to give all the possible tips that can help you have a safe and stress-free journey. If you follow these guidelines, you won't face any problems in the entire journey.

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