Tips for Celebrating Your New Fur-Baby

Tips for Celebrating Your New Fur-Baby

If you have adopted or purchased a puppy during shelter-in-place, you’re not alone. Quarantine has resulted in a huge surge in demand for furry friends, introducing bundles of happiness to families across the nation. Though every day feels like a celebration when waking up to your new fur-baby, you might be wondering if there’s any way to properly commemorate your pup. Whether it’s a birthday, adoptaversary, or just because, check out our tips for celebrating your new fur-baby to see how you can throw them a righteous party.

Pup-friendly Food

There are many pet-friendly recipes that’ll have your fur-baby’s tail wagging. Get creative and find dog-safe pupcakes or cake recipes. Either is sure to go over well with the guest of honor.

If you’d like to opt for a treat that calls for less ingredients, you can make doggy ice cream. It requires only plain yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. You can always simply give your dog or puppy the frozen banana on its own if you’re on a time crunch. They’re going to be delighted with any atypical treat!


If you’re really looking to spoil your pet on their special day, get them some gifts. Base your retail purchase off what your dog usually likes. A stuffed toy box will excite your fur-baby and have them wanting to break in new toys with you.

A stylish pup might prefer a comfy dog fleece over, or in addition to, a new tug rope. Furry friend apparel can be as equal a gift for the fur-baby as it is a gift for the dog mom. Seeing your dog rocking some fancy clothes, or enjoying their new bed, will brighten anyone’s day.

Trip to the Dog Park

Give your fur-baby the chance to see their furry friends with a trip to the local dog park. If your dog loves mingling with other pups, the park is a perfect opportunity to have them socialized for the day.

Going to the dog park has multiple advantages for your dog, such as seeing their friends and expending the puppy zoomies. It also gives you both some fresh air! Make sure to review the dog park’s social distancing and safety guidelines for owners before going.

Extra Walk and Games

Does your fur-baby look at you sideways and start to wag their tail with any mention of the word “walk”? Then take them on an extra walk or two on their special day. Not only is a walk beneficial for both you and your furry friend’s health, but it shows you are dedicating more time to spend with them.

Another way to celebrate with your fur-baby is to play games with them. Whether it’s fetch or tug-of-war, playing a game is a great way to expend any extra puppy energy and demonstrate how much fun it is to be with your furry buddy.

Special Meal

A favorite meal is always a nice treat to surprise your fur-baby with on a special occasion. Scraps of chicken or a high-end Kibble presented during dinner time will have your pup drooling at the sight.

Quality Time

This may be routine but curl up with your furry friend and watch a movie or listen to some music. Top off their special day by giving extra belly rubs and any last-minute treats. Using these tips for celebrating your new fur-baby, you can create a day that expresses just how grateful you are for your furry friend’s addition to your life.