For training dogs with a focus on the behavioral correction, you need a shock collar, a vital aid to communicate with your pet.  But before you start using the best dog training shock collar, you must first train your dog to understand the basic commands like sit and stay. When your dog can understand the basic commands, it means that it is open to accept more advanced teaching methods aided by the shock collar.

All shock collars are not alike, and you must know how to choose one that matches your dog's temperament. But before you proceed to buy a shock collar for your dog, you must know its working method to understand whether it will suit your needs.

The working modality of shock collars

Shock collars are training tools that help to correct some unsafe negative behavior of your dog. The collars were invented in the sixties for training hunting dogs but have now become a tool for training dogs.  When family dogs demonstrate stubborn and unwanted behavior like barking too much or showing food aggression, you can teach the dog to mend its ways using a shock collar, which acts as a deterrent. It also helps your puppy learn to stick close by while off leash or safely within your property. The collar sends off a shock that creates a slight jolt or a warning beep in response to any dog's awkward behavior to reprimand the animal and restrain it from indulging in such behavior.   

The kind of collar your dog needs

When buying shock collars, you must be aware of the features to look for to serve the purpose to the fullest.  You must choose between low- to medium-power collars for dogs that are sensitive to typical temperament, but if your dog shows a stubborn streak of behavior, you must select the low to high power. However, it does not mean that larger dog breeds need high output collars because the behavior and not the physique are the determining factors.

Adjustable intensity

It might appear a bit difficult to determine the kind of collar intensity that would suit your dog. To make things easy modern shock collars come with a variable intensity that allows adjusting the shock level and you can choose between a vibration mode or warning beep. This allows dog owners to use the collar effectively by going through the process of trial and error. Another variety is the spray collar that emits a blast of foul smell near the dog’s snout to warn of its unacceptable behavior, but the collar is not adjustable.

Shock collars give fast results as dogs can quickly understand the signals of beep or vibration and respond to it by exercising restrain. Often it does not require to use shock at all to make the dog correct its behavior. A shock collar is like some accessory that works on its own and does not require your presence but choose one with a wide range so that it works across all terrains.

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