Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Oftentimes, the expertly decorated homes you see in pictures are relatively large. This gives them enough area to work with as they craft cozy or cleanly chic arrangements from many separate items that they bring together skillfully. Not all of us have big homes, though, and we might feel as though this bars us from making them feel anything but meager. The truth is, though, that you can make a standout interior design using clever techniques. Find out how to attain this with our tips for decorating a small space.

Put Up Mirrors

While you may not physically be able to increase your square footage, it is entirely possible for you to enlarge a room visually. Put up a large mirror or several smaller ones on a wall where sunlight can reflect off of them. Extra brightness spreads around the room, making it feel more open and expansive. The image that you can see through the mirrors will cause the room to appear as though it continues on further, which will in add to the sense of spaciousness.

Use Folding and Multipurpose Furniture

A technique used by proponents of extremely tiny houses is having furniture that can fold into different shapes. This is an exceedingly helpful trick for any small space in general because you can move furniture out of the way when it isn’t being used. Some of these items can become part of a shelf setup that stands against the wall. Other items can expand and fold up into a smaller size. There are also furniture pieces that may fulfill different purposes, depending on the configuration you put them in. You’ve probably seen or heard of a bed that can fold into a sofa, for example. By putting such an item in your home, you halve the space your furniture takes up and leave more open to make the room feel less cluttered.

Get a Large Rug

Rugs may be flat, but they can still greatly change how you view a room. If you place a small rug down that only fills a small portion of the floor, it will break up the room into segments based on the boundaries of its edges. This is exactly the type of effect you want to avoid when your space is already small to begin with. Instead, you should get a rug that is big enough to encompass most of the floor space. You’ll get a reverse result, where the rug appears like one large, unified area.

Increase Light

Besides using mirrors to lighten your home, you can also directly increase the amount of light you have. First, you can start by keeping your blinds or curtains open during the day to let in as much sunlight as possible. For dreary days and evening, you should have lights that you can use to keep the room bright and breathable rather than dark and stuffy. A standing lamp can work well to spread illumination around a room. Another tip for decorating a small space is to use mini string lights. These are nice in that they don’t need a section of floor or a tabletop, since you can attach them to the walls.

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