Tips for Holiday Travel With Pets

Tips for Holiday Travel With Pets

Do you hate leaving your pet at home alone for the holidays? Consider bringing them along for the festivities this year. While it will add extra planning and obstacles to your holiday plans, you won't have to feel bad about leaving your pet with a sitter on Christmas. To make your first pet-friendly trip easier, use these tips for holiday travel with pets.

Taking a Road Trip

Taking a road trip with your pet certainly provides more freedom and safety, especially amid this year's social distancing measures. While road tripping with your dog or cat during the holidays warrants the same planning tips as for any other pet-friendly road trip, there are some extra holiday considerations to keep in mind.

Give Them Plenty of Room

Traveling during the holidays means you'll have some extra luggage to account for. Aside from you and your pet's travel necessities, you'll also have to plan to bring home your Christmas gifts. Before you embark on your trip, make sure that your pet will still have enough room to relax in the back seat, even with the extra parcels. For the safest travel, make sure you have a safe travel carrier or car seat to keep your pet secure and from wandering around while you drive.

Tire Them Out

Holiday traffic can make everyone go a little stir crazy. Before settling in for the long ride ahead, dedicate some extra time to playing with your pet and tiring them out. Making a pit stop or two can also help tire out a rambunctious puppy that's been sleeping in the backseat for a few too many hours.

Bring a Few Distractions

Pack plenty of distractions to keep your pet busy while you focus on the ride ahead. Bring your dog or cat’s favorite toys that they can entertain themselves with or a treat that’ll keep them happy for an ample amount of time. The more resources you have for your pet to occupy themselves, the less time you’ll have to spend worrying about how they are doing on your journey.

Traveling by Plane

Traveling by plane requires a little more preparation. If you can't swing a road trip with your pet, remember to follow through with these air travel preparations.

Clear It With the Vet

Set up an appointment with your vet before planning air travel to ensure your pet is healthy enough to fly. Your vet can also recommend some strategies to help your pet conquer their first flight anxiety.

Double Check Airline Guidelines

Every airline will have its own policy regarding pet travel. Make sure you're booking your flight with an airline that allows for your pet to travel with you. You'll want to have the proper documentation and everything else you may need so you don't become unexpectedly held up at the gate.

There's no better way to spend your holidays than with your furry companion and family by your side. Uses these tips for holiday travel with pets to make sure your pet can join the festivities this year.