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If you love entertaining guests, then probably you must have invested in a pool table. Yeah, pool tables are great, but when it comes to moving to another home, you can find it daunting. In case it has become old, then removing it will be challenging enough for any house owner. 

A pool table is bulky and wide, no doubt and its repairing requires hefty charges. So, when you are moving to another place, it is advisable to seek the help of the experts who are well-versed in moving such tables. Similarly, while removing or disposing of these tables, do a sufficient amount of research before the final negotiation. 

So, let’s get started with the tips to move the pool table properly. 


  • The preparation stage is mandatory 


Preparing the pool table for removal is a tedious challenge, but you have to take it anyway. Some of the sub-stages in this step are as follows:

  • Evaluating the table to ensure there are no damages to it. You can even take pictures of the same to ensure that it is in perfect condition after it has been moved. 
  • Modern pool tables require assembling and disassembling. So, be ready with its instructions. 
  • You are required to use appropriate tools to remove the cloth or the sides of the table. In case you do not have the necessary tools, you can follow the instructions of an expert for the same. 
  • Take off the legs. This is an essential step in the preparation phase. 
  • To mixing up of the table components, pack them separately into storage Ipswich and label them appropriately. This tip will ensure that an efficient assembly in the new house. 



  • Hiring a removalist for the pool table 


You cannot handle it entirely by yourself. Hence, it is recommended to hire a moving agency that can take care of the table when it is moved. The removalist should guarantee you the safety of the table during all the stages of transit, including the final assembly. The staff should be well-trained and committed to these removal services, especially of the pool table. If you find out that the staff is not aware of the shifting of the pool table, then refrain from hiring them. Search for another contractor but do not give custody of your table to the inexperienced ones.  There are so many places to get the pool table of your dreams, like wholesale pool tables, they are sure to have one you will love. 

We have discussed the following types of removalist services for moving your pool table. Please check carefully. 

  • The first type of service is a professional removalist service. In this type of service, the removalists offer service right from the packing, disassembly, labeling, moving and final disassembly of the pool table. This is an expensive service, but if you are concerned about the safety of your pool, table, then we will highly recommend this service. Check reviews, evaluate their credentials and ask for references before you hire this service. 
  • The second option is to look for a moving and transport company. They will just load the table into the truck and transfer it to the desired location. You will have to hire another pool table mover for the necessary tasks, or you can take the risk by yourself. This method is budget-friendly but can be a stress-booster during the moving stage. 
  • The third option is immensely cheap, as it requires only transportation costs. But you will have to hire a pool table expert and also packers separately. If you have all the resources in hand, then this option is pretty affordable. 
  • Now, let’s talk about the removal and disposal of the pool table. Before discarding it, you will have to dismantle it and approach different facilities for recycling or disposal. You can handle everything by compromising your free time and energy. But we would suggest you approach a local pool table removal entity for the same. They will be a call away and will take care of all the tasks involved in its removal. They will also get rid of the mess that will be created during the dismantling stage, so no worries at all. 

Moving or disposing of a pool table is daunting yet manageable if you know how to seek the right kind of assistance. 


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